LCC Placement Tests

If you are considering attending Lane Community College post-high school, or if you are seeking college credit for courses taken while still attending high school, you’ll need to take the Lane Community College  Placement Tests.  There are a variety of placement tests available, but usually the term “placement tests” refers to the reading, writing assessments, and math skills.

The exams are free to pre- and prospective LCC students, and are administrated here at CHS or in the testing center on the LCC Main Campus.  Contact Mrs. Bowers for more information and/or to make your testing appointments.  In other circumstances, click here to go to the LCC website for more information.

To practice for the placement tests, check out these sites:

Math Review Practice Sheets :

Study Strategy Links :

Study Tips :

Explanation of How Accuplacer Exams Work :

LCC Disability Resources :