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Just wanted to remind everyone that FAFSA is currently open. Please try to submit your application prior to March 1st 2017 to ensure  your full award package.

The OSAC is open till March 1st 2017. The OSAC provides millions of dollars to Oregon residents. This is not just financial based scholarship(s). There are scholarships for everyone.

Lastly, the early admissions application deadline for several colleges is Thursday December 1st, 2016. Please make sure to check your desired schools deadlines to see if this applies to you.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to drop into the ASPIRE office! We would love to help you with your college journey!



Confederation of Oregon School Administrators Scholarships

Each year COSA sponsors or assists in processing ten $1,000 college
scholarships.  These scholarships are for Oregon high school seniors
attending 2 or 4 year Oregon colleges.  The applications must be
postmarked by MARCH 1, 2017.   Results will be announced by May 1,


Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year to graduating seniors from
Oregon public high schools.  The scholarships may be used for a 2- or
4-year university, trade, or professional/technical school.  These two
scholarships are for a son, daughter, or dependent child of an OASSA
member who meet the criteria listed on the application.  The
applications must be postmarked by MARCH 20, 2017.Results will be
announced by May 1, 2017.

Oregon Promise

Hello everyone,
This is just a reminder for all students planning on attending community college to check out the Oregon Promise program through OSAC. This grant (meaning money that you don’t have to pay back!) covers some or all of your community college tuition. The early application deadline is April 1, 2017. It’s always best to apply early, especially for scholarship programs!

Creating a Resume


Fall is the time to write your personal statements and prepare students resumes that may be needed for college applications or job opportunities. I have posted below a great example of a resume, explaining all the important details as to what you need to fill in each subcategory. The second image gives you a look at a list of words you might like to use to sound professional on your resume. Please contact us if you need any help in this area. Good luck!



Announcements 11/8

Hello again,

Just wanted to remind everyone that the OSAC application is now available! Please go to the OSAC website and look through all the available scholarships and grants. There is something for everyone and we don’t want you to miss out!

The State of Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) has a bunch of resources, programs and opportunities that could come of age aid to you, with your educational journey. I would encourage all of you to look around and take advantage of the useful information on the website

Students please remember to start filling your FAFSA if you haven’t already! The deadline for FAFSA is March 1st for early consideration of Oregon grants. Awards are made until funds are depleted!

If you have any questions and/or concerns please come visit our room in the library of Creswell High School. If you want to get involved with the ASPIRE program come on by! We would to hear from you and help you with your educational journey.

Happy Tuesday!

New Scholarships

Hi everyone,

There are a lot of new scholarships posted on the website now! Many of the application deadlines are coming up in the next few weeks (there are a lot of deadlines November 30th and December 1st!), so make sure to check those out.

Feel free to browse through any of the categories listed above in “Scholarships 101”!

Hello Students!

Just wanted to update you on our new hours at Creswell High School (CHS). We have volunteers that will be available on:

Wednesdays from 7:30-10:30 and Thursdays from 12-3!

Please feel free to drop by if you have any questions or if you want to get involved with the program! We would love to help you out in anyway that we


2.The Community Alliance of Lane County, a 50 year old local non-profit organization promoting peace and social justice and Rotary Club of Eugene, whose mission includes promoting peace through service worldwide are looking for 7 LANE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS, with a commitment to Peace and Social Justice to receive $500 SCHOLARSHIP.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Eligibility: Interest and activity as a person of peace and social justice. Graduating from a Lane County high school or GED program in 2017. Acceptance in a post secondary education or training institution
  2.   Application requirements:
    1.  Completed application (see attached)
    2.  Official high school transcript.
    3. Two letters of reference in sealed envelopes. Do not send a reference from a friend or family member.
    4.  Essay as described below

Due date: postmarked no later than March 6, 2017

Mail to: Community Alliance of Lane County, 458 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97402

Send: application form, essay about the attached prompt, transcript, reference letters

                         Application Form for Peace Scholarships

Offered by Community Alliance of Lane County and Rotary Club of Eugene


Mailing address (Street, Community, Zip)                      Email:
Phone numbers (cell and land line)            Name of High School from which you will graduate


  1. What are your post high school education/training plans?
  2.  Are you an immigrant, person of color, from a military or low income family, have a record of social justice and/or peace commitment?   Please describe
  3.  Why are you applying for this scholarship?
  4. What is your financial need?
  5. Describe your extracurricular activities, in particular those showing your involvement in peace, social justice, environmental justice, community well being
  6. What other scholarships have you applied for and which have you received?

Attach your essay of up to 2 pages responding to this prompt:

For over 15 years our country has been using war and military solutions to try stop terrorists, the so-called War on Terror. By now terrorists have not been defeated by war and yet millions of people are dead, injured and displaced by war.

Would an expanded, better financed military be more successful? Could US citizens and/or our government do something other than war that might work better? What have you done already or what do you hope to do in your life to contribute to creating a healthier, safer world?

Mail to: Community Alliance of Lane County 458 Blair Boulevard Eugene, OR 97402

Attn: Peace Scholarship

Mail no later than March 6,2017
Include application form (use a second page if necessary), essay, 2 letters of reference, transcript)