2.The Community Alliance of Lane County, a 50 year old local non-profit organization promoting peace and social justice and Rotary Club of Eugene, whose mission includes promoting peace through service worldwide are looking for 7 LANE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS, with a commitment to Peace and Social Justice to receive $500 SCHOLARSHIP.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Eligibility: Interest and activity as a person of peace and social justice. Graduating from a Lane County high school or GED program in 2017. Acceptance in a post secondary education or training institution
  2.   Application requirements:
    1.  Completed application (see attached)
    2.  Official high school transcript.
    3. Two letters of reference in sealed envelopes. Do not send a reference from a friend or family member.
    4.  Essay as described below

Due date: postmarked no later than March 6, 2017

Mail to: Community Alliance of Lane County, 458 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97402

Send: application form, essay about the attached prompt, transcript, reference letters

                         Application Form for Peace Scholarships

Offered by Community Alliance of Lane County and Rotary Club of Eugene


Mailing address (Street, Community, Zip)                      Email:
Phone numbers (cell and land line)            Name of High School from which you will graduate


  1. What are your post high school education/training plans?
  2.  Are you an immigrant, person of color, from a military or low income family, have a record of social justice and/or peace commitment?   Please describe
  3.  Why are you applying for this scholarship?
  4. What is your financial need?
  5. Describe your extracurricular activities, in particular those showing your involvement in peace, social justice, environmental justice, community well being
  6. What other scholarships have you applied for and which have you received?

Attach your essay of up to 2 pages responding to this prompt:

For over 15 years our country has been using war and military solutions to try stop terrorists, the so-called War on Terror. By now terrorists have not been defeated by war and yet millions of people are dead, injured and displaced by war.

Would an expanded, better financed military be more successful? Could US citizens and/or our government do something other than war that might work better? What have you done already or what do you hope to do in your life to contribute to creating a healthier, safer world?

Mail to: Community Alliance of Lane County 458 Blair Boulevard Eugene, OR 97402

Attn: Peace Scholarship

Mail no later than March 6,2017
Include application form (use a second page if necessary), essay, 2 letters of reference, transcript)