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Please note that the directory is being updated.

School staff may have moved to a new classroom or office. Their new phone numbers are being updated.

Please call the respective school office for the new number as the directory gets updated.

  • Creswell School District

    998 West A Street
    Creswell, OR 97426
    (p) 541-895-6000
    (f) 541-895-6019

  • Creswell High School

    33390 East Nieblock Lane
    Creswell, OR 97426
    (p) 541-895-6020
    (f) 541-895-6089

  • Creswell Middle School

    655 West Oregon Avenue
    Creswell, OR 97426
    (p) 541-895-6090
    (f) 541-895-6139

  • Creslane Elementary School

    996 West A Street
    Creswell, OR 97426
    (p) 541-895-6140
    (f) 541-895-6199

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