Creswell High School Wrestling Program


Student Rules and Code of Conduct


The following is a brief description of the expectations, guidelines, and rules for students participating in the Creswell Wrestling Program.


      All students athletes must have a physical, signed code of conduct policy, release from the Athletic Director and school office, and have paid their sports fee to participate.

      All students must pass a weight assessment before they can compete as per OSAA guidelines.

      All student athletes must have proper wrestling attire and wrestling shoes.

      Students will be expected to notify the coach via phone or written note if they are going to be late or absent from practice.

      Absence from practice the day before a meet will disqualify a student from participating unless it was excused.

      Student athletes who are injured or cannot practice for some other reason are expected to be at practice anyway unless excused by the coach.


      Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves in respectable manner on and off the mat. Objectionable, rude, or offensive behavior and language will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from the privilege of practicing and participating in meets.


      Student athletes are expected to practice sportsmanship and courtesy at all times during meets and practices, remembering that they represent Creswell High School athletics.


      Any student athlete found to be harassing, fighting with, or hazing other student athletes during practices or meets will face disciplinary actions and could lead to suspension from the wrestling program.


      Student athletes will be expected to keep their grades up to school requirements for all athletes.


      Students must understand that wrestling is a privilege and an extra-curricular activity that will not take precedence over the family and education.