CRESWELL Soccer Program Handbook

                                        Fall, 2006



Soccer – the beautiful game.  Whether you have played soccer for many years, or whether this is your first serious attempt at sport, soccer has much to offer.  Each member of our coaching staff here at CHS has their own soccer history, unique in how they came to play the game and even more unique in what the sport gives to us.  We hope that as the season progresses, our enthusiasm for soccer is rivaled by yours!


Soccer is a new addition to the sport offerings at CHS and this addition has been achieved after much dedication and hard work.  Dedication and hard work - including teamwork – are the cornerstones to any successful athletic program.  In this inaugural season, the coaching staff will focus on learning and building for the future.  Having a successful soccer program in the years to come will depend on the foundation we build this season.  This is a new beginning for all of us and we will face opponents who are very talented.  Every time we take the field we are victorious – victorious by believing in our strengths, in our talents and in our ability to improve.  Sometimes the victories will be small, such as being able to sprint in the last minutes of the game or giving a crisp pass that reaches a teammate.  Sometimes the rewards will be bigger – deflecting an opponent’s shot away from the goal, or perhaps seeing our shot hit the back of the net!


Together we will experience all of these things and more.  We, the coaches, have high standards.  We expect you to work hard, to keep trying and to never give up.  We expect those of you with experience to help the less-experienced players.  We expect you to have goals for yourself as well as for your team.  But most of all, we expect you to respect the coaches, your teammates, your opponents, and yourselves – doing that brings its own reward in the respect you receive from others. 





Tony Romero, Boys’ Head Coach                                    Brandi Wittenborn, Girls’ Head Coach

895-3670                                                                   895-4306/ 514-0591


Andrew Humphreys, Assistant Coach



Thomas Carroll, Assistant Coach





PRACTICES:  Practice will be held after school, from 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm, Monday through Friday, except when games are scheduled.  Practices are held on the field west of Creslane Elementary unless otherwise advised.


Players are expected to arrive at practice on time and ready to go.  This means that players need to be in appropriate practice attire, including cleats and shin guards.  Players should also bring drinking water to practices and games to ensure that they receive adequate fluids.



GAME SCHEDULES:  A current game schedule is enclosed herewith.  Both Boys and Girls teams are playing a JV schedule this season.  In this way we are able to play more local teams, reducing the amount of traveling.  Any changes in game times, dates or locations will be announced as soon as the coaching staff has this information.   Game schedules, including changes, may be accessed on the Internet at



LOCATION OF GAMES:  Addresses to playing fields will be provided on an ongoing basis.    Home Games will be played at the Creswell Middle School football field.



TRAVELING SQUAD:  At this time it is anticipated that any student athlete committing to Fall Soccer and in good standing will be allowed to travel with the team and dress for home and/or away games. 



ACADEMICS:  Your school work is important!  As a student athlete, you must make your school performance a priority, whether in class or in homework assignments.  We will have many away games which will result in hours of traveling.   You will be expected to manage your time well, so that your athletic activities do not interfere with your ability to perform your best in the classroom.   All student athletes must be passing at least five classes in order to continue to practice and compete. 


Grades will be checked regularly by school and coaching staff.  All students are encouraged to utilize the Study Halls which are available at school.  You may check with the CHS office for the Study Hall schedule.



CITIZENSHIP:  CHS soccer players are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior on and off the soccer field.  As a student athlete, you have the honor of representing your school and your community in neighboring communities.  In victory or defeat, nothing matters more than the sportsmanship, honesty and the integrity you bring to the field.   Respect for your teammates, your school, your opponents and your community is expected at all times.   Being a CHS soccer player is a privilege that you have earned, and that you CONTINUE to earn everyday through your positive behavior and attitude.  Remember that whenever you are in public, you are an ambassador of our program – how you present yourself to others reflects on all of us.



SUBSTANCE ABUSE:  Tobacco and illegal substances have no place in an athlete’s regimen.  It is the policy of the coaching staff and of CHS that the use of tobacco or any illegal substance is strictly prohibited.  The Student Athlete Code of Conduct details the consequences for any violation of this policy; a copy of the Code of Conduct is attached.   In addition, there may be additional consequences at the team level for any violation of this policy.



ATTENDANCE:  Building a team and a successful soccer program takes the dedicated participation of all our members.  Players are expected to attend, be prepared for, and be on time for all team functions.  Absences will be excused only if the player notifies the coaching staff prior to the absence, and if the absence if for justifiable reasons.  Justifiable reasons include any time the player is absent from school for an illness or a family emergency, or for a reason previously approved by the coach.  Unexcused absences will not be tolerated, and will be looked upon by the coaching staff as a lack of commitment toward the team.  Players should prepare themselves for consequences at the team level in the event they choose to skip practice.


Parents are asked to support the player’s attendance by arranging appointments outside of practice times whenever possible.  We understand that sometimes this is not possible.  Nonetheless, the player is expected to contact the coach BEFOREHAND to discuss the absence.


Students must attend each scheduled class in order to participate in a game or practice that day.  Exceptions can be made for doctor or dental appointments, prearranged absences, school-related absences, or absences that have been approved by the CHS office.  Students may not participate in practices or games on the day they are absent from school.  Irregular attendance or excessive tardiness may result in suspension or removal from the sport in which the student is participating.



GOOD HEALTH:  As a student athlete you are doing something good for your mind and your body by getting daily exercise.  Enhance your efforts by getting proper rest and nutrition too.  A healthy diet includes a balance of complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and proteins, while minimizing snacks with low nutritional value.



MEDICAL ISSUES: Athletes who are under any type of medication shall have on file with the CHS office a note describing the medicine (and any effects taking the medication may have on the athlete’s performance) from the athlete’s parent/guardian or doctor. 


Athletes who visit a doctor due to injury must notify their coach and return with a note from the doctor stating that they are cleared to participate.


Athletes with a chronic medical condition which may hinder their ability to participate may be asked to meet with the coach and parent/guardian to develop appropriate expectations for the athlete, and/or to request guidance from the athlete’s physician.



GAME DAY CLOTHING:  Athletes are encouraged to get proper nutrition and rest throughout the entire soccer season, as well as on game days.  Soccer players may wear their soccer jersey to school on game days, but it must be worn neatly, with the jersey tucked in to slacks or a skirt.  In the alternative, a player may select other appropriate school attire.  It is expected that this clothing is clean and neat, and presents the athlete most favorably.  Again please remember that you are representing your team and your school.    



TRANSPORTATION:  At this time we plan for players to travel to and from away games by Creswell School District buses that are paid for by our club sport funds.  If buses are not available, the Coaches will be responsible for coordinating drivers to transport the players to and from games.  


1) Via Parent Cars: All parents/guardians will need to complete a permission form in order for their child to be transported to CHS games (this also applies when a parent is driving their own child).


District criteria for driving students to and from games includes:


A)    Anyone transporting CHS students in their private vehicle must have District approval, including completing the Release and Liability Form.

B)    The driver of the car must be properly licensed to drive and must have provided proof of insurance.  Insurance shall meet or exceed minimum requirements as established by the State of Oregon and as set by the district.

C)    Parents may transport up to three players, other than their own child.

D)    The vehicle must contain an adequate number of seat restraints for the passengers and the driver.



2) Via School Bus: When traveling on District school buses, players will have appropriate school bus behavior as outlined above (Citizenship) and in the enclosed “Bus Procedure.”   Players will be responsible for cleaning up the bus upon arrival back to CHS to ensure that no litter or personal items have been left behind. 


3) After an Away Game: At the conclusion of the game, a player may be released to their parent/guardian for the return trip home only after the parent/guardian has signed a release with the coach.  Parents/guardians wishing to release their student to another responsible adult (at least 21 years of age) will need to obtain written approval by the principal and coach PRIOR to leaving for the contest.  The parent/guardian must also speak directly to coach when making this request.


4) Arriving Home:  We will do our best to let parents know what time the bus or drivers expect to return to CHS after an away game.  Players must be picked up at CHS immediately upon return to the school.  



COMMUNICATION: Players are encouraged to express concerns or questions they have with their coach.  If a player would like to meet with the coach, this may be scheduled at the player’s request.  If after meeting, the player feels that the concern still is unresolved, the Coach will contact the Athletic Director in order to pursue resolution, possibly including a joint meeting with the student, Coach and Athletic Director.  Please be advised that no appointments will be made on game days.  A copy of the District Grievance Procedures is attached herewith.



CELL PHONES:  Cell phone and camera use is forbidden in locker room or bathroom areas for privacy reasons.  Cell phone or camera use in the locker room or bathroom areas could result in removal from athletic participation and/or disciplinary action by CHS administration.



PRAYER AT GAMES:  Players may organize informal prayer sessions prior to or after games.  This exercise needs to respect the beliefs of others, allowing others to leave at this time without causing uncomfortable feelings and respecting other beliefs with sensitivity.





Grievance Procedures

Game Schedule Boys

Game Schedule Girls

Student Code of Conduct

Academics Policy

Transportation Policy

Letter of Expectation and Commitment