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Table of Contents


Introduction                                                                                 pg. 2

Parenting & Program                                                                pg. 2

Program-Team-Individual                                                       pg. 3

Faith, Goodwill & Forgiveness                                             pg. 3

Character Expectations                                                                        pg. 3

Justice vs. Fairness                                                                    pg. 4

Accountability & Discipline                                                   pg. 4

Healthy Communication                                                          pg. 5

Tryouts                                                                                            pg. 5

Evaluation of member’s                                                           pg. 6

Eligibility                                                                                       pg. 6

Equipment                                                                                     pg. 6

Locker Room                                                                                 pg. 6

Playbook                                                                                         pg. 7

Practices                                                                                         pg. 7

Meetings                                                                                          pg. 7

Games                                                                                               pg. 7

Travel                                                                                               pg. 8

Injuries                                                                                           pg. 8

Grades                                                                                              pg. 8

Attendance                                                                                     pg. 9

Appearance                                                                                   pg. 9

Nutrition                                                                                        pg. 9

Drugs & Alcohol                                                                          pg. 9

Quitting                                                                                           pg. 10

Playing Time & Position                                                           pg. 10

Sportsmanship                                                                             pg. 10

Team Captains                                                                              pg. 11

Volunteering                                                                                pg. 11

Parent Meetings                                                                           pg. 11

Community Service                                                                    pg. 12

11 Bones                                                                                          pg. 12

Off-Season                                                                                      pg. 12

Weight Lifting                                                                              pg. 12

Open Field                                                                                      pg. 12

Camps & Clinics                                                                           pg. 13

Fundraisers                                                                                   pg. 13

Lettering                                                                                         pg. 13

Game Film                                                                                      pg. 13

Parking                                                                                           pg. 13

Supporting your Athlete, Student, and Child…             pg. 14

Wrap-up & Review                                                                     pg. 15

Contact Information                                                                  pg. 15

Schedule                                                                                          pg. 16

Sign and Return                                                                           pg. 17




Dear Parents/Players,


Welcome to Creswell Football!  This handbook is designed to give both players and their family’s information about our program, philosophy, expectations, and other various topics.  It is our hope that the answers to most questions about our football program can be found in these pages. However as this handbook will always be a work in progress it is by no means all-inclusive. If after reading this, you still have questions, or your questions are not answered, please feel free to contact me. 



Thank you,





Paul Goldspink

Head Football Coach



Parenting & Program


Parents have the final authority over the family and their children. This is something we believe in very strongly and will always support.  The role of an active, caring, and involved parent is a cornerstone to a child’s healthy development. With this authority parents choose to give freedom and take it away. They choose when to allow their children to join other organizations and when to keep them out. 

            When we as adults take a job or join an organization, we agree to follow the protocols, guidelines and rules required for membership. As parents, if and when we allow our children to try out for a team, we must also allow ourselves, to allow our children, to practice this same principle. We may not understand, agree, or want to accept all of the programs expectations, but choosing to belong to a group/team/family is choosing to yield our individual rights as parent and child for the benefit and rights of the whole. 

This is without a doubt one of the most complex situations of parenting. Balancing your parental rights, your growing teenager’s freedoms, and the organizational responsibilities your child’s membership carries, can leave the best parent frustrated, exhausted, skeptical and intolerant.  There are many pitfalls along this course and the best and or right answers are not always easy to find.  Keeping a healthy perspective, practicing goodwill, and exercising good communication will make the challenge rewarding for you and your athlete, and will go along way to producing a mature and prepared adult child.  

The struggle of weighing of rights is not exclusive to parents. As coaches of a high school athletic program, we too are frequently reminded of the personal desires of every athlete, every parent, teachers, athletic directors, administrators, business owners, community members, school board members, athletic boosters, fans, etc.  At the end of the day, it is coaches, parents and athletes who must all work together as one collective, for one purpose, of producing one successful football program.  As you read this handbook, please keep this in mind.





These three words are the simplest and most accurate answer to all questions about the why, who, what, and the how come type of question that people will ask. These three words are also the backbone of our program philosophy. As it states;


  • We are, we act, we think, and we do what is best for the PROGRAM as a whole first.
  • We are, we act, we think, and we do what is best for this years TEAM second.
  • We are, we act, we think, and we do what is best for INDIVIDUAL players last.


This set of guidelines is repeated in coaches meetings, on the practice field, and in meetings with players and parents.  It is essential that all individuals (coaches, players, parents, volunteers etc.) involved with this program understand and will adhere to this philosophy and that all personal agendas are kept out of our program if we are to be successful. 


Faith, Goodwill & Forgiveness


            Faith is simply choosing to believe in.  It is the choosing to believe without irrefutable facts that is the essence of faith. Belief in God and a child’s belief in Santa Clause are familiar subjects that require faith. While faith is most commonly associated with positive topics, faith is also practiced negatively. People choose to believe the worst, without irrefutable facts, all the time. What, and how much we choose to believe both negative and positive is up to each of us. 

Goodwill is applying faith optimistically towards the actions of others, and choosing to believe that those actions were done with good intentions. Many times each day, week, or season we will all have the opportunity to live goodwill. Without all the facts we will have to act in response to varied situations. It is how we react in these times that matter. 


  • A frustrated and emotional child comes home after a bad day of practice……
  • A frustrated and emotional parent comes to practice in search of an answer……
  • A frustrated and emotional coach calls home in search of a missing athlete……


What will be our choice and how will we live, choosing to believe that we are all in this together and that we all want what is best for the program, (faith and goodwill) or will we tear apart the very thing we love because of our emotions and mistrust is too great. Living and choosing goodwill is not easy or without hardships.

Forgiveness is the choice we make that allows healing to occur. Humans make mistakes and we will all be let down by other people. If we understand this and choose to forgive others, and ourselves, we will be able to continue building the relationships that are vital to our individual, team and program success.


Character Expectations                                                                       


            Each of us lives our lives by the values or morals we believe in. It is these principles that act as our map to guide us in times when the right path is not clearly evident. Each member of our program comes to us with their own unique set of family and individual values that they have chosen to believe in. Character is actively living by the values one believes in. It sounds simple but as we all know in practicality it is a daily struggle with temptation, lethargy and doubt.  

Members of our football program will be expected to display character by living their lives by a universal set of values that make the foundation that our program is built on.  This means that we may expect more and different things of your son than you do at home. Unselfishness, honesty, faithfulness, goodwill, loyalty, commitment, community, respect, academics, lawfulness, and sportsmanship are a few of the values of this program, and our members are expected to have the character to live these values.


Justice vs. Fairness


Three cars are racing down the freeway. A police officer pulls over the second of the three cars. The driver of this car receives an expensive ticket.  Was he treated fairly or was he treated justly, and did he get what he deserved? Why did the officer pull over the second car and not the first or third? Is that the right thing to do? Why should I receive a ticket when they got away with it?

Many of us look at situations and our instincts are to demand fairness and equality.  The reality of our world is however, that fair is more accurately used do describe a bunch of rides, cows and cotton candy. In reality, life in general is not fair. Most of us reading this have been blessed by being born and living our lives in the greatest country in the world. Many people will never know the luxuries that we all take for granted.

As coaches we are charged with developing large groups of young men and trying to assist them in learning the game of football and the game of life. Often times we must hold these young men accountable for the poor choices they have made. In many of these situations it is not professionally appropriate to share the details of one child’s transgressions, with the rest of the team. Thus, what may be observed might look like different consequences handed down to two players for what appears to be the same action.

Will we practice goodwill? Will we also hold our son accountable, or will we enable him? Will we become bitter and disenfranchised, or will we be glad that our son is a part of a program that expects him to be a mature and responsible young man. 

We all want to protect our children from harm and being treated unjustly. This is the sign of a good parent. Vigilance should be kept though, because in process of trying to protect our child, we sometimes end up going to the fair.


p.s. The officer had stopped the second car on three previous occasions for the same thing.


Accountability & Discipline                                                                                      


            As human beings we are all on the journey of self-growth and discovery.  When we stumble, the other people in our lives are affected. Family, friends and football teams all feel the joy of our growth and the let down of failures. As in life, in football our good and poor choices will have consequences. As members of an athletic program, we are all accountable to each other, and must answer to each other for our choices, both good and bad. When members of our program make poor choices they will be held accountable. In these times each athlete will be treated as an individual and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  It is not, and will not, be our policy to divulged personal information and extenuating circumstances to those not involved.







Healthy Communication


Expectation without communication leads to frustration


Communication is a cornerstone to any healthy relationship and it is our goal that both players and parents feel comfortable in communicating with our coaching staff.  After all, a question can only be answered if it is first asked. Therefore, when approaching a coach to practice some healthy communication, please keep the following in mind. 

First of all, timing is everything. While simple questions can be answered quickly and without distraction, more complex and serious topics require an appropriate approach.  In these times the best option is to call and schedule an appointment so that you can be given the full attention of the coach, or whole staff should the issue require it. Next, please keep in mind that as a parent you are entitled to information pertaining to your child and their personal development as an athlete and a young man. However, this entitlement does have limitations. Please help our staff in training the young men in our program by modeling a willingness to exercise good communication skills.


Examples of topics that may be discussed: development & progress of your athlete, clarification & details of program expectations, non-technical football topics.


Examples of topics that will not be discussed: depth chart & playing time, game plan & play calling, coaching & practice structure.


            Healthy relationships between coaches, players and parents are the responsibility of all parties involved. These relationships are also essential for program success. 


  • Parents and players should remember that coaches love to talk football and are more than willing to do so when the time is right.
  • Coaches and parents should remember that players need people to listen to them and they will talk when the approach is right.
  • Players and Coaches should remember that parents want to help and need accurate information to get the job done.


“T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More”




            All students at Creswell High School have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. That being said, there are no guarantees that all student will make the teams they are trying out for. The reality is that sports programs have many limiting factors such as funding, equipment, number of coaches, and a minimum skill set that will from time to time require coaches to scratch individual students from the team’s roster. This is a sad time for players, families and coaches but it is reality. 

            Students interested in trying out for football must accept this reality and will have to demonstrate their competence in several areas to be invited to join the program. Acceptance to the program is year to year and being declined will not prevent a student from trying and succeeding to be invited to join us after future tryouts. Furthermore, program membership is independent of the number of athletes in the program, that is, we will not accept individuals who do not meet the program standards just because we have space available. There is no substitute for; personal character, academic focus, athleticism, and football intangibles. 


Evaluation of members


            By choosing to become members of the Creswell Football Program, we must accept the role of a public figure and we must understand that we will also face a greater level of scrutiny. Furthermore, all members of this program must realize that we are ambassadors of each other, our school, school district, community, etc. The choices and subsequent actions of one individual, both good and bad will reflect back on all of us, and we are all effected by those choices. Therefore, evaluations of football program members cover the entire scope of program’s expectations and are twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year long process. 




            Eligibility is a broad term referring to if an athlete is able to participate.  To be eligible, athletes must meet several criteria. Grades, school attendance, practice attendance, conforming to team expectations, medical clearance etc, are all part of determining if an individual is eligible. More specific information on the above criteria follows later in this handbook.           




            Each player will be provided by the school with the following safety equipment: helmets & chinstraps, shoulder pads, knee, thigh, hip, & tailbone pads, mouthpieces, practice & game pants/belt and jerseys. If so desired individuals may purchase and use their own safety equipment provided they obtain prior permission and all equipment conforms to safety guidelines and team uniforms. Due to major liability issues, storage of personal safety equipment will be provided at Creswell High School to insure proper off-season care takes place.

Individual players are responsible to provide their shoes, socks, gloves, and other accessories that they desire. Also, these accessories need to meet team uniform standards and use of individual items is contingent on coaches’ approval and may be declined and or revoked at any time. Personal items not meeting uniform standards may/will be altered to achieve conformity.

All equipment checked out to individuals is property of Creswell High School. It is the responsibility of each individual to care for this equipment during the season and return all equipment in the same condition it was received in.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and fines.


Locker Room


In order to maintain the privacy, safety and security of our athletes, entrance into school locker rooms is permissible only to coaches, players, managers, and other approved individuals. Parents, siblings, students, etc. need to respect the privacy of other children while they are showering and changing by waiting outside. 

Each player will be issued a locker for storage of sports equipment and personal belonging.  These lockers are property of Creswell High School and may/will be accessed if needed by staff. Proper care of lockers and the locker room are the responsibility of each individual and destruction, abuse, vandalism, littering etc. may result in disciplinary action and or fines. 



            Throughout the year each player will be issued various forms of documentation such as a playbook, game plan or other documentation (like this handbook) pertaining to our football program. Players will be given instructions regarding the appropriate use of, and rightful owner of each document. This handbook for example is the property of the athletes and their parents and we do not expect it to be returned. Playbooks on the other hand are property of the football program and are expected to be kept in good condition and returned expeditiously upon request.




            Practices are mandatory and only the most serious of circumstances that are communicated prior to an absence will excuse an athlete from practice. Unexcused absences will be dealt with very seriously.

Regular mandatory practices are not closed to the public as a course of standard procedure. However, attending practice as a spectator is a privilege and we reserve the right to change this policy temporarily or permanently to individuals, groups, or the public as a whole should the coaching staff determine it to be necessary to the success of our program.

            Parents who choose to attend a practice need to keep a few things in mind for the times before during and after practice. First, football is played and coached with intelligence, adrenaline, emotion, and it is aggressive, physical and loud. Second, please remember that the athletes and coaches are there to do a job and are on a tight schedule and thus this is not the appropriate time for conversations with either group. Next, if we are unsure of whom an individual is, a coach or manager will approach that individual to attain more information. Finally, Individuals attending practice are also expected to not become a distraction through noise, proximity, movement etc.




            An essential piece of successful game preparation is the team meeting. This is a time for players to review and develop playbooks, watch film, and better understand schemes. During the season these meeting are mandatory and are an extension of practice. These meetings may take place before school, before practice, after practice, and while it is not our inclination, possibly on the weekend.  If and when a meeting is scheduled at a mealtime, we will work through volunteers, to try and provide meals for everyone. 




            Games are viewed by many as the pinnacle of all that we do. We believe a more accurate and healthy perspective is that games are a fun well deserved reward, which acts as a measuring stick providing us with data and feedback on our program, team, and individual progress in football techniques and fundamentals. While we passionately endeavor to win each and every contest, we will not compromise our program’s, teams’, or individual character in an attempt to win a simple football game. 


The young men in our program are taught many lessons and “win at all cost” is not one of them. Our athletes a taught that a man’s value is not found in his possessions, trophies, or money, and winning and losing will not define who we are as men.


Parents also need to keep in mind that while we would love to play every athlete in every game, our objective as a high school athletic program is to win every football game, therefore playing time is not a guarantee. Finally, games are very intellectually, physically, and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Therefore, before or immediately after a contest is not a good time for long, emotional, and or upsetting conversations. If there are issues to resolve, it is in the best interest of all parties involved, to wait to a more appropriate time to try and resolve the problem.




            Travel to and from games is provided by the school district and all team members are expected to be on the bus when traveling to, and coming home from games.


  • Success is a festive occasion that deserves the whole team’s celebration to share the glory and strengthen the team bonds through commitment.


  • Setbacks are painful occasions that need the whole team’s attention to share the burden and strengthen the team bonds through recommitment.


            Because some games will require long periods of driving, the bus may/will stop to allow for eating. Most often, the bus will stop at a convenience restaurant. Students have the choice of bringing food for these occasions, purchasing food with their own money, or not eating. Every effort will be made to ensure that these stops are kept as short as possible while allowing for eating.

Exceptions to the travel policy will be made if there are severe conditions that justify it.




Football is an aggressive and physically demanding sport that often provides its participants with injuries that range from minor to severe. If an injury is serious in nature, and or the coaching staff feels uncomfortable in evaluating the severity of an injury, medical personnel will be given the authority and responsible for determining if the athlete can safely continue to participate. In the case of minor and non-severe injuries the coaching staff working with trainers and athlete will evaluate the situation to determine; if the athlete can safely continue to participate, when the athlete can return, or if the athlete needs professional clearance to return.  

Athletes who consult a medical professional are required to inform the coaching staff of their visit and what the diagnosis was. Athletes are required to bring written documentation of the results. Also, before returning to participation athletes must have medical clearance if a specific return time is not provided in the original documentation.  Next, if the coaching staff, athlete, or parents feel it to be necessary, athletes will be required to consult a medical professional to gain clearance to participate regardless even if all other parties disagree. Finally, it is the responsibility of program members to inform the coaching staff of all injuries.  Failure to comply with this policy may lead to termination from the program. 




            In this program, academic successes are believed to be just as important as on the field successes. To be in “good academic standing” in this program, students must have a 2.0 grade point average and have no “F” grade(s) on their previous year’s transcript, and on all in season grade checks. Students who do not meet these criteria will meet with the coaching staff to discuss this issue and may be required to attend mandatory study hall sessions until they once again achieve good academic standing.


  • The focused discipline & determination to achieve academic success is the same quality needed to be successful in football and life.


“Smart football players make good football players.”




            Rules pertaining to attending school, practice, and other program functions are set by the State of Oregon, Creswell Public Schools, Creswell High School, and the Creswell High School Football Program respectively. It is expected that all program members demonstrate perfect attendance for school, practice, and other mandatory functions and follow these rules without deviation. Attendance of non-mandatory functions while not required is highly encouraged. 




All program members are expected to understand and accept that they are public figures in our community, in our school, and in other communities into which we travel.  Everywhere we go and to everyone we see we represent our coaches, our school, our community, and ourselves. Thus, maintaining an appearance that conveys an appropriate message is expected at all times we are in public. This means that:


  • Clothing that contains, promotes, and or depicts drug, alcohol, sexual, explicit language, racial, ethnical, violence, abuse etc. are not acceptable.
  • Our general appearance should be one of good hygiene and well maintained clothing.
  • Players will be required to keep their hair at an appropriate in season length.
  • Appropriate dress for team functions will be communicated on an event basis. 




            Healthy, consistent, and timely nutrition is important for the preparedness of an athlete to achieve optimal performance. Ideally the final pre-game meal of an athlete will occur three and a half to four hours before a contest. Next, this pre-game meal should be high in carbohydrates to provide a lasting energy source.  Popular “energy drinks” provide an hyper concentrate of blood sugars and caffeine that will cause the body to stop the normal processing of the substances and cause a lull once the rush is over. Thus these drinks should be avoided as a pre-game source of nutrition.  The best pre-game meal is to have a well-established diet that meets nutritional guidelines and is followed consistently and daily both in season and out.


Drugs & Alcohol                                                                         


            The use, distribution, and proximity to tobacco, drugs and or alcohol will be dealt with severely and consequences may range from game suspensions to termination of program membership. Dependant of circumstance and with the approval of coaches and school administration, termination may possibly be substituted for rehab and or counseling at the expense of the individual.



            When applying for membership to the Creswell High School Football Program, it is expected that each individual will complete the current season’s obligations before requesting release from the program. Failure to complete these obligations is grounds for denial of future membership.

Who among us has never felt like quitting? The truth is that almost all athletes feel like quitting at least once in their career. The difference is usually a parent who will not allow their son to quit. As coaches we understand that football is not for everyone and that participation in athletics may not be what someone expected when they signed up.  Furthermore, we can and will find ways to help your son to honor themselves, their family, team, school, and community by completing their commitment. There are many ways we can find for an individual to help our program besides putting on pads each day. Finally, as a parent of a minor, you too are accountable for the commitments you allow your child to make. We expect that as role models and parents you will support our program, your child, and the other children and parents in our program and community by helping us to not allow your child to quit.

In the event of a crisis, individuals may/will be released from fulfilling their program obligations immediately and will be considered to be in good standing with the program. Next, upon crisis resolution, they will be accepted back fully and immediately.  Finally, we hope that in the event of a crisis, member families would allow our program to help and support them, if and when appropriate.


Playing Time & Position                                                                                  


In this program, membership does not guarantee an individual playing time, or playing a specific position. Individuals will be placed in positions that are in the best interest of the program. As mentioned before, we would love to play every athlete in every game; however our objective as a high school athletic program is to win every football game. At the Junior Varsity level, playing time is a major priority, but is still not an absolute guarantee. 

            To assist your son in developing as an athlete and football player, there are several habits you can support him in practicing. (The following are just a few examples)


  1. Attends all required functions on time.
  2. Be eligible to play.
  3. Study your playbook.
  4. Work hard in practice.
  5. Be receptive and apply coaches’ feedback.
  6. Attend off-season weight training sessions.
  7. Attend football camps.
  8. Maintain a positive attitude
  9. Adhere to program expectations.
  10. Participate in off-season school sports to develop athleticism.




            All program members are expected to adhere to all O.S.A.A. (the governing body of Oregon high school athletics), Creswell High School, and Creswell High School Football Program directions regarding sportsmanship. This expectation is year round and applies to all athletic events whether a competitor or a spectator.

            As parents of team members, we must realize that we are looked upon by other fans as role models and leaders in the bleachers and around town. If we display goodwill and good sportsmanship, we will positively influence those around us. Conversely, we are also capable of undermining the vary thing our son is working so hard to build. 

As parents of program members, please know that you are also an ambassador of our program and that caries both rewards and burdens. If you witness poor sportsmanship and can help to correct it without making it worse, please do so in a positive and healthy manor, and know that you have the backing of the entire football program.


“We are all responsible for the quality of our world.”


Team Captains


            Team Captains are selected through a process determined by the coaching staff. Team Captains, have authority over program members in regards to all program expectations, and may (under the direction and authorization of the coaching staff) hold other program members accountable. Team captains will also be involved with providing the coaching staff with athlete perspective feedback relating to team matters.




            Volunteer support is essential and one of the easiest ways to help our program. Volunteer opportunities can range from an easy one time task to a difficult and time consuming assignment. Keep in mind that some assignments may place you in the role of official program representative. Individuals who choose this will be considered official program members and thus expected to adhere to program guidelines just as the coaches, players etc. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the coaching staff. Thank you so much for your support. (Below are a few examples of the volunteer opportunities readily available)


  • Providing meals
  • Transporting athletes home from practice/games
  • Scouting future opponents
  • Crowd control
  • Chain crew
  • Score/clock operation
  • Parking supervision
  • Sewing & uniform repair
  • Specialized skills i.e. welding, construction, athletic training, etc


Parent Meetings                                                                          


            Throughout the course of the season there may be meetings for parents and players to attend. Attendance of these meetings will most likely be strictly voluntary. If there is an occasion in which the need arises to hold a mandatory meeting, then each player, and at least one parent/guardian, or a pre-approved (by coaches) representative must attend the meeting for the player to be considered eligible.

If serious circumstance warrant, other arrangement may be made on a case-by-case basis. It is our goal that we have only this one mandatory meeting, but if an unforeseeable situation arose that called for another mandatory meeting, parents would be notified and the above standards applied.


Community Service


            From time to time our program will take part in community service projects.  It is expected that members will participate in these functions. We believe that as we ask a great deal from our community, it is appropriate that we give back. We would like to invite program members family’s to join us in these endeavors and in thanking our community.


11 Bones                                                                                                     


            “11 Bones” is the name of our year round tracking system to reward program members for their hard work and commitment to their own development and our football program. By making the intangible tangible, we hope to increase intrinsic motivation of our athletes. This also makes it very clear who is working hard and who is not. Bones are divided up into four core categories. These categories are Athletic Development, Fund Raising, Weight Lifting and Academic Achievement. There is also a Miscellaneous category that covers things such as community service projects, volunteer work, etc. each category has its own formula for receiving bones and is independent of the others. Periodical rewards are given at random for leaders of each category and the overall leader. At the end of each season we will acknowledge the leaders and begin to give our dogs bones again.




            The off-season is the time period from our last official program function, through the first official day of practice. During the off-season there is still much work to be done. Members should be continuing to develop their athleticism through participation in other school sports, weight lifting, attending camps etc. This is also a time for fundraising, working on academics and rehabilitating injuries. The last and most important thing to keep in mine about the off-season is this;

  • Every athlete from every school is in a race to improve, and the individuals that work harder, get stronger, and are more dedicated to athletic improvement, will show it on the field next fall.


Weight Lifting                 


            Weight lifting is an indispensable building block of a good football player. To achieve this we will have weight lifting opportunities available for program members throughout the year. During the off-season individuals may choose to lift at home, at an off site gym, or not lift at all.  This is the right of each individual but keep in mind that “Bones” are only given for in-house weight lifting. As a coaching staff we encourage lifting at school. The time spent at “our house” reinforces the ownership and protective feelings that we rely on during games. Also the bonds created during these low stress times carry us in the heat of battle.


Open Field                                                                                     


            During the off-season there may be opportunities for members to practice their on field techniques. Information about these opportunities will be available as scheduled.

Camps & Clinics                                                                          


            Program members are encouraged to attend off site football camps during the off-season. The coaching staff receives camp & clinic brochures throughout the year so please contact us if your son is interested. Like all consumer goods, some camps will be more beneficial than others so please do your homework.

            At the end of the summer, we will hold our Creswell Football Camp the week just before we start official practice. We cannot stress enough, the importance for all students interested in our program to attend this camp.  Information on this camp will be available during the summer.




            Fundraising is probably the least enjoyable part of our program. That being said, it is also probably one of the most important aspects of what we must do to actually have a program. No money, no program. Fundraising takes time & energy away from the coaching staff, athletes and parents. This is time that could be better spent attending clinics, studying film etc. Therefore, the more people that help, the more efficient & productive we are, the quicker we get done. Lastly, because no money, no program, it is appropriate that everyone participates in fundraising.




            Athletes will have the opportunity to earn a varsity athletic letter.  At the end of each season, letters will be issues to program who meet the all of the following criteria.


A)    Exemplarily attendance of all team meetings, practices, and other in required team functions.

B)    Consistently demonstrate a positive attitude and adherence to the program expectations outlined in this handbook and as directed by coaching staff.

C)    Meet academic standards.

D)    Be on the field of play for 80% of all offensive varsity downs. – Or – Be on the field of play for 80% of all defensive varsity downs. – Or – Be on the field of play for 50% of all varsity downs.

E)     Coaches’ exception for extenuating circumstances.


Game Film 


            Varsity games are taped each week and VHS copies of these tapes can be purchased. If you desire to purchase a copy of a game tape, please be specific about which game(s) you want, send $5 per game, and orders will be filled in the order received. While we will take every effort to expedite this service, it may take several days. 









Supporting your Athlete, Student, and Child as a part of a Program     


The role of parent or guardian in relation to their son’s participation in athletics is very crucial and is essential for their son to be successful. The following are some ways in which we as parents can help our athletes and the programs they are a part of, to be as successful as possible.     

            Feed them- This may seem silly but proper nutrition is a key component of a healthy athlete. Fast food is no substitute for home cooked meals that are well balanced and full of vitamins and minerals.

Water them- The human body is mostly water. When your athlete works out they sweat water, therefore when they drink they should drink water. Pop is not a naturally occurring substance and it is not necessary for the human body to function.

Tuck them in- Sleep in essential for the body to regenerate itself. Training will not improve performance if the body is not given time to rest and heal from the training. Next, when the human body is deprived of the proper amount of rest, it is more susceptible to disease and infection. 

            Protect them- One of the hardest things we must face as parents is to balance keeping our children from harm and letting them grow. The high school years are probably the most challenging time in a parent’s life in trying to achieve this. Athletes are faced with many difficult choices in high school and parents can and should help them through these times. Steroids, beer, tobacco, ecstasy, and many other substances are out there waiting to snare your child.  The social scene at a high school party does not have to include these substances. It is possible to have fun without illegal drugs.

Teach them stick-to-itiveness- We live in a remote control world. Don’t like what you got, change the channel. Practices are hard, losing is no fun, pain hurts, and I’m not happy. This is what makes athletes think about quitting.  Sadly, quitting can and does become a habit that may follow in to an athletes adult life. Life is full of tough times and giving up and quitting cannot be our best option.

Hold them accountable- If a teacher or a coach assigns a consequence for misbehavior, we should back their play. In life we must all conform to the rules and regulations of whoever our boss or supervisor is at the time. We should therefore help our athletes to understand this and teach them how to work productively in many different types of environments.

Support them, as part of a program- One of our goals is to win and to be the best.  However, athletics are not just about winning. In competition one man will always win, and one will loose. In our program a teammate may be better than we are. The mentality of; you are a failure if you are not the best, or the one receiving the glory is problematic. It can and does at times inspire athletes to greatness. Far too often however, it inspires athletes and parents to blame coaches, teammates, and everyone else for why we are not the starting varsity athlete and or winning the game. This expectation also places athletes in a lose-lose situation. They must focus on self first and team second, or see themselves as a failure. In a team, just as in a family, we each have roles and the focus should always be based on what is good for the whole not for the self.

            Love them no matter what- No matter what kind of day we have, no matter what kind of game we play, no matter what kind of mistake we made, no matter how good of an athlete we are, no matter what kind of toughness we show, we all need to know that no matter what we can and will rise again, just as the sun, and that our family loves us no matter what. This love is the very thing that allows each of us to step up to the challenge of living at a higher standard, playing in front of a crowd, and risking the glory and criticism of the public.


Wrap-up & Review                                                        


  • If after reading this, your questions are still not answered, please contact us. 


  • Program-Team-Individual-These three words are the backbone of our program philosophy.


  • Personal agendas are kept out of our program.


  • Members of our football program will be expected to display character and to demonstrate good sportsmanship.


  • Evaluations of football program members are a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year long process. 


  • Healthy relationships between coaches, players and parents are the responsibility of all parties involved.


  • While we passionately endeavor to win each and every contest, we will not compromise our character.


  • All team members are expected to be on the bus when traveling to, and coming home from games. 


  • It is the responsibility of program members to inform the coaching staff of all injuries.


  • It is expected that all program members demonstrate perfect attendance for school, practice, and other mandatory functions.


  • All program members are public figures.


  • The use, distribution, and proximity to tobacco, drugs and or alcohol may be grounds for termination of program membership. 


  • Volunteer support is essential and one of the easiest ways to help our program. 


  • Individuals that work hard, get strong, and are more dedicated to athletic improvement, will show it on the field.


Contact Information     


Creswell School District Office:         (541) 895-6000                      

Creswell High School:                        (541) 895-6020

Creswell High School Fax:                 (541) 895-6089

High School Principal-Jan Ophus:      (541) 895-6020             

Assistant Principal-Debra Weber:       (541) 895-6020             

Athletic Director- Paul Goldspink:     (541) 895-6047             

Head Coach -Paul Goldspink:            (541) 895-6047             

Assistant Coach-Rich Milne:              (541) 895-6112             

Assistant Coach-Scott Worsham:       (541) 895-6057             

Assistant Coach- Jack Stepp:              (541) 895-6042             

Assistant Coach-Joe Orick:                 (541) 895-6020                      

Assistant Coach- Pete Apo:                (541) 895-6020                      





Varsity Football


9/2       Creswell          @        Elmira                         Non-League    4A       7:00 pm

9/9       Creswell          vs.        Coquille                       Non-League    3A       7:00 pm

9/16     Creswell          @        Pleasant Hill                Non-League    4A       7:00 pm

9/23     Creswell          vs.        Harrisburg                   League                        3A       7:00 pm

9/30     Creswell          @        Waldport                     League                        3A       7:00 pm

10/7     Creswell          @        Regis                           League                        3A       7:00 pm

10/13   Creswell          @        Jefferson                     League                        3A       7:00 pm

10/20   Creswell          vs.        Taft                             Non-League    4A       7:00 pm

10/27   Creswell          @        Santiam Christian        League                        3A       7:00 pm

11/4     Creswell          vs.        Toledo                         League            3A       7:00 pm


**Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change.





Junior Varsity Football


            9/8       Creswell          @        Coquille                       Non-League    3A       6:00 pm

9/15     Creswell          vs.        Pleasant Hill                Non-League    4A       6:00 pm

9/18     Creswell          @        Harrisburg                   League                        3A       6:00 pm

9/26     Creswell          vs.        Waldport                     League                        3A       6:00 pm

10/3     Creswell          vs.        Regis                           League                        3A       6:00 pm

10/10   Creswell          vs.        Jefferson                     League                        3A       6:00 pm

10/19   Creswell          @        Taft                             Non-League    4A       6:00 pm

10/23   Creswell          vs.        Santiam Christian        League                        3A       6:00 pm

10/30   Creswell          @        Toledo                         League                        3A       6:00 pm


**Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change.















Sign and Return



            Please keep this handbook as a point of reference. Detach this page, have both player and parent/guardian sign and date it, and return it the coaching staff.






I __________________________ (Print players name) acknowledge that I have received, read and understand all of the content in the Creswell Football Handbook 2006.



Signature_______________________________ Date ____________________





I ___________________ (Print parents name) acknowledge that I have received, read and understand all of the content in the Creswell Football Handbook 2006.



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