Creswell High School Swim Team Rules and Expectations



Team members will follow all rules and guidelines as stated in

CHS Coaches and Sports Handbook and specified by the OSAA.


Team members will meet with the coach and other parent volunteers before the season begins and several times during the season to plan practices, meets, team socials and keep communication lines open.


Team members will belong to a club swim team in the area or make private arrangements with a local pool, allowing practice times that work for them, and will practice and or attend competitions a minimum of 4 times each week.


Team members will attend meets and communicate promptly with the coach concerning conflicts with the team meet schedule.


Team members will wear a team cap when competing for CHS.


Team members will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and support other team members as well as competitors in a supportive manner.


Team members will share expenses incurred by the team above those paid by CHS sports fees.