Creswell Cheer Parent and Student Information


Welcome to the Creswell Cheerleading Program for Creswell High School.  This booklet should give you the information you need for the season.


My Philosophy


I will use my fullest abilities in pursuit of excellence.

I set a good example by meeting situations with enthusiasm.

My personal mission is to share my knowledge and love of the sport.

I will treat people with respect and patience.

I am not afraid to take acceptable challenges.

I am free to change and grow.

I have the ability to make a positive impact on student athletes.

I am committed to deal with athletes physically and emotionally.

I will promote school spirit at the highest level.

I am honored to consider myself a member of the high school coaching staff


My Phone Numbers


Home 895-4621

Cell 913-0269

Assistant Stephanie Reeder 954-6144

Assistant Ashley Clark 1-858-204-3535


























The cheerleaders will promote and uphold school spirit.

They will encourage good sportsmanship amongst students and adults.

They will promote unification of the crowd’s involvement during events.

They will strive to build better relationships between schools.

They will strive to uphold the highest personal, as well as cheerleading standards.




  1. Leadership
  2. Physical fitness, coordination, and healthy lifestyle
  3. Respect, courtesy, tolerance, and self control
  4. Sportsmanship and citizenship
  5. Sports appreciation
  6. Responsibility and patience
  7. Communication skills
  8. Self confidence and personal expression
  9. Character
  10. Moral development




  1. Must attend practice and show cooperation with other cheerleaders and coaches
  2. Must know the cheers, chants, and routines for all games and performances
  3. Should keep a good attitude about improving cheerleading skills
  4. Must adhere to the rules as listed in the student code of conduct handbook
  5. Will be responsible for providing positive leadership when cheering and at school
  6. Will always show respect and be courteous to coaches, faculty, officials, players, adults, and visitors
  7. Should be aware of their appearance and be dressed in appropriate uniform on game days
  8. Will strive to modest in victory and gracious in defeat
  9. Should always remember their primary goal is to promote school spirit and athletics
  10. Excessive displays of affection are never considered appropriate, especially in uniform at games or performances
  11. Smoking, drug use, and alcohol are not allowed at any time, please refer to student code of conduct requirements




It is imperative that communication between athlete and coach is clear so misunderstandings do not occur.

The use of cell phones or cameras in locker room is strictly forbidden at any time.  This is a zero tolerance item and will result in a game suspension and a meeting with coach and AD.

Everyone trying out and their parents must sign the cheerleading constitution.

Members are expected to attend all games and performances in uniform even if not cheering.

Cheerleaders shall ride the bus to and from events, unless pre-arranged the day before the event and approved by coach.

All members are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities.

Cheerleading team must take priority over all other extracurricular activities including jobs.

All members must be passing at least 5 of 7 classes and are encouraged to pass all.

All members must attend all practices and events to stay in good standings.




  1. Team members are required to attend every practice on time, unless pre-excused by a coach.
  2. Calling or telling another team member will not excuse a tardy or absence
  3. One unexcused absence will result in member sitting out of two cheering events, on the second unexcused absence the member will sit out of three cheering events, on the third unexcused absence the member will be removed from team.
  4. Being on time to practice means being on the floor ready to stretch or condition at the scheduled practice time in proper attire.  Anyone over 1-10 minutes late equals extra conditioning, 11-20 sits out one quarter of cheering, 21-30 sits out two quarters, anything over 30 minutes will result in a complete absence unless pre-excused by the coach.
  5. 100% effort is expected at all practices.
  6. Practice clothes will consist of clothes you would wear for PE, including shoes and socks, no jewelry allowed, and hair up.
  7. Excused absences, illness to cheerleader, funeral or family emergency, required school obligation, or pre-arranged family leave.  Please call me if you know you are going to miss practice.




Not everyone will be selected to participate on the competition team.  My assistants and I will select the athletes that have the most experience and qualifications to compete on the competition team. The team can change throughout the year at the coach’s discretion.




Cheerleaders must cheer at 75% of all events in order to receive a varsity letter and be in good standing with team rules.  If a cheerleader becomes ineligible during the year it could affect whether they can letter in the sport.