(1)  Camaraderie -  Teamwork”. 

You must support your teammates in all situations, this includes when times are good and times are tough. 

This a team sport and our success depends on the “team’s” success.


            (2)  Commitment   Dedication”

Be at every practice, game, and activity 10 minutes before actual start. 

Communicate - tell coaches in advance when you will not be able to attend certain events (this includes practices, games, work days, fundraisers, etc.)


            (3)  Care  -  “Pride”

Want to become better every day.

Take pride in keeping the field in great condition.

Care about your success, your teammates success, your coaches, your field, and your support group (parents & fans).


            (4)  Condition -  Preparation”

Hustle and work hard. 

Work yourself into good shape to stay healthy for the season. 

Want to outwork your opponents.


            (5)  Conduct   Behavior”

Be a first class citizen (Represent the program respectfully). 

Respect your teammates, coaches, teachers, classmates, parents, and opponents. We intend to be a first class organization.

Use appropriate language.


            (6) Coachable   Fundamenatlly Sound”

                        Want to do techniques the correct way. 

Try what the coach or coaches are asking.



If any of these QUALITIES are violated, then penalties will be enforced that the coaching staff deems necessary.  These include, but are not limited to:


1)  Extra Conditioning

2)  Playing time reduced

3)  Not starting a ballgame

4)  Extra Field Work

5)  Carry Extra Gear


If there continues to be qualities violated and/or your actions create a hostile environment, then you can and will be terminated from the program for the remaining portion of the season.



Head Coach – Scott Worsham  895-6057

Head JV Coach – Kip Maness  729-4134