2006 – 07 Creswell Boys

Basketball Coaching Staff



Head Coach            Stan Mercer            895-6116 (work)

                                                                895-5461 (home)



JV1                          Dave Freske            829-9428 (cell)



JV2                          Rich Milne              895-6112 (work)

                                                                510-2203 (cell)


















Creswell Boys Basketball Roster 2006 – 07



          Varsity                                    JV1                      JV2


Sr         Jake Thomas                Sr         Stephan Thaerigen      Jr         Jerry Barajas


Sr         Ryan Beltran               Jr         Justin Kambak                        Soph    Nick Ehrich


Sr         Ken Dahl                     Jr         Jerryd Forgey              Fr         Trevor Delaplain


Sr         Mario Meza                 Soph    Kyler Brown               Fr         Zach Jones     


Jr         Jasem Dulany              Soph    Grayson England        Fr         Zack Maillard


Jr         Jordan Ellison             Soph    Eric Gerlach                Fr         Robert Shepler


Jr         Trevor Johnson            Soph    Ryan Kounovsky        Fr         Clark Woodworth


Jr         Dalyn Stram                Soph    Garrett Presley           


Soph    AJ Beltran                                          


Soph    Aleks Gabrio


Soph    Darrell Risen




















2006 – 07 Bulldogs Boys’ Basketball Rules and Expectations



Practice Absences:


We, as a coaching staff, feel that it is critical that all players attend every practice.  We do understand that emergencies do come up, such as illnesses and family events.  In these cases it is important that the player call his coach in time to prepare for his absence for that practice.  All other absences are considered unexcused.  The first unexcused practice will result in not playing in the next scheduled game.  The second unexcused practice will result in the removal from the team.  It is imperative that the lines of communication between player and coach are clear so that misunderstandings do not occur.  Furthermore, if grades become an issue for a player the coach may require that a player attend practice in street clothes to work on assignments.  This is NOT considered a practice absence, though by missing the physical part of the practice, the player may see limited playing time in the next contest.



Dress Code:


All coaches, players, and managers in the Creswell Boys Basketball program will be required to wear dress pants (no jeans), collared shirt and tie on ALL game days.  We feel that game days are a special day and wi will dress accordingly.  We also feel that it is important to look dood on and off the court as we represent our school and community.  This is part of building “Bulldog Pride” in our program.



Riding the Bus To and From Games:


It is strongly recommended that all players ride up and back to a game on the bus with their coaches and teammates.  This gives us an opportunity to talk and debrief with our players as a program.  If emergencies occur, please contact the coach before the trip and we will need a note signed by a parent.  We would like players going home with parents to be the exception, not the rule.

Seating During Games:


When a player is watching another team in our program we would like to see our teams sit together (especially on the road).  Our teams dress down immediately following half time of the previous game.  This means that they should sit as a team through the first half of the game.  Similarly, when a team is finished dressing down after a game they should sit as a team to watch the conclusion of the following game.  We understand that this is sometimes difficult to do at home games, but we would like to see this type of team unity as much as possible.  Sitting as a team will be required on road trips.



Technical Fouls by Players:


Any technical foul by a player will result in an automatic removal from that particular game.  The length of time that th the player is removed is up to the coach’s discretion.  The player will then be required to write a letter of apology to the team and present it at the following practice.  This is a situation that will be handled as part of the basketball program.  If this becomes a severe problem, then our coaching staff will meet with the player, athletic director, and parents/guardians to resolve the problem.  Again, this will be a situation that we will deal with as a basketball program as much as possible.  We feel that sportsmanship and discipline are important factors of a successful basketball program, and failure to represent our program in a positive way will not be tolerated.



Drug, Tobacco and/or Alcohol Use:


The use of drugs, tobacco products or alcohol is prohibited for all players in the Creswell Boys Basketball program.  The use of these products during the season will result in the indefinite suspension of the player, pending removal from his team.  In order to be successful as a team we feel that it is critical that players can make a commitment to each other and our program.  If that commitment cannot reach beyond drug, tobacco or alcohol use we feel that the player either lacks the commitment necessary to be a valuable part of a team, or else has a serious substance use issue that goes beyond basketball and needs to be addressed.



Playing Time:


The amount of playing time for each individual is the sole responsibility of his coach.  When a particular players amount of playing time becomes an issue, it is that player’s responsibility to immediately set up a meeting with his coach and discuss the issue.  This type of communication is essential for the player to understand the situation and gain clarity from the coaches perspective.  As coaches we have reasons for making the decisions that we do, and will be happy to share them with our players.  This generally resolves any issues that a player may have, but not always.  In those cases where the coach/player discussion does not lead to resolution, then a meeting with a parent and the athletic director (Mr. Goldspink) needs to be arranged.  It is NOT acceptable for a parent or guardian to approach a coach directly before or after a game.  This should be done with a phone call the following day.


It is important that a coach needs to do what is best for his team and our program, and that it is impossible to satisfy all players and parents with regard to playing time during the course of a season.  It is important, however, that the communication is clear and concise so that each player and team continues to improve and compete at a high level throughout the season.



Thank you,


Creswell Boys Basketball Coaching Staff


Stan Mercer

Dave Freske

Rich Milne