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Our Community, Our Schools, Our Stories


The Creswell School District and the Creswell business community have teamed up to bring these stories to you


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Review our archived stories from 2009-2010


Creslane Elementary

"Walk Day" 2010

Walking shoes... check

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th graders... check

Ready - Set - Lets walk!

Walk along from Creswell School District


On Friday, May 14 the entire student body of Creslane enjoyed a walk to downtown Creswell and back.  No galloping here, these Mighty Mustangs demonstrated a healthy habit in walking. 


Promoting good health... and enjoying a bit of nice weather too!

Creswell Kids on the move!

Eugene Marathon May 1, 2010


CMS Runners from Creswell School District


25 students participated in this years "Kids Marathon"


While running the marathon in increments over a period of weeks the main day marked the final 1.2 mile run for the youth participants


Over 25 staff members from our district participated in the main marathon.  Staff team members took part in either the relay walking team or completing the 1/2 marathon event


Lauri Thomas ran the entire marathon. Way to go Ms. Thomas!


Go Tigers!!

"We believe in giving back to our community..."

Sue Ordonez, Siuslaw Bank


Siuslaw Bank from Creswell School District


With frequent visits to classrooms at our Creslane Elementary this bank understands educational outreach.

“…potential is the exciting part”
Bill Spencer owner of Creswell 76


Creswell 76: Filling a Void from Creswell School District

" in Creswell really get involved..."

Sue Ordonez, Siuslaw Bank



Essay Contest For Creswell Students from Creswell School District


April is Community Banking Month and Creswell's Community Bank (Siuslaw Bank) wants your kids to get involved. The Bank is holding an essay contest. Watch this video to find out more. Oh, and parents there's something for you in this celebration too.

"fitness... because I think it changes lives"

Gene Joseph owner of IronWorks Gym



IronWorks Gym...Mixing the Old and the New from Creswell School District

Anymore, a gym is valuable part of a community. It's a place folks go to stay in shape, meet people and try new things. IronWorks Gym in Creswell has been called "The Cheers" of health clubs. One visit and you'll see why. From Olympic Weight Training, to Tabata Classes, IronWorks cares about keeping you in shape and interested in fitness.

"A newspaper is the heart..."

Helen Hollyer owner of The Creswell Chronicle


Creswell Chronicle: The First Citizen from Creswell School District

On the up swing for Our Community!


Golf Could Be The Ticket.


A new report shows the airport in Creswell could be quite the economic boost for the town. But in order for that to happen the city needs to build hangers and get business interested in locating there.
So, what if the town used a ball, a place to stay, word of mouth and a golf cart to make all that happen?
Watch this story.



Center Stage at CHS


"Bagel Club" and "Check, Please"

Two One-Act Comedies




CHS Drama Production May 2010 from Creswell School District






Presented by Creswell High School Drama



2010 Spring Jam & 1st Annual CHS Art Show


CHS Spring Jam and Art Show May 2010 from Creswell School District



These two events made for a "jam" packed night of fun

Earth Day 2010

On Parade!


Earth Day 2010 from Creswell School District


Creswell School District celebrates Earth Day


Did you catch us at the park?


" some real hands-on science..."

Anne O'Connell, Creswell High School Science Teacher


Earth Day In Creswell Oregon 2010 from Creswell School District


Thank you Creswell for your continued support!

Our February /March Story

Our schools are enriched by devoted staff members and in turn our community is rewarded. This month we visit one of our highlights with a story of dedication and passion.


Ken Donner; Going Beyond Duty from Creswell School District

Teachers are the backbone of any school. They work hard, care about our kids and educate them. We recently heard about a teacher who is well loved by his peers and your kids. We took our camera to Creswell Middle School to find out why.

Our January Story

There is a young woman at Creswell High School who is quietly trying to find her way back from the grip of tragedy.


Our Community, Our Schools, Our Stories: Kallie Botefur from Creswell School District


 Many of you know Kallie Botefur. You also know she was the lone survivor of a tragic accident in May of 2009. The driver of the truck, 18 year old Brandon Leslie died in that accident. Take a few minutes to listen to Kallie and Brandon's parents as they navigate the difficult road to recovery from such a horrible accident.


.Our December Story

Take a few minutes to meet one of your young neighbors.


Jose Garibay: December's Student Story from Creswell School District




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