School Board Meeting Report

Creslane Elementary

October 9, 2002



Calendar:        Oct. 3 – Educational Choice Discussion:  New library 7:00 p.m.

                        Oct. 8 – Book Club: Old Library with Anne 7:00 a.m.

                        Oct. 7 – CES Site Council:  Old Library 3:45-5:00 p.m.

                        Oct. 8 – Kindergarten Parent Night: North Pod 6:30-7:00 p.m.

                        Oct. 8 – CPTO (Creswell Parent/Teacher Organization): Old Library 7:00

                        Oct. 10 – Bus Evacuation Drill: 12:00-2:00

                        Oct. 16 – ELL (English Language Learners) Workshop: 2:35-3:30 with

      Abbey Lane

                        Oct. 17 – Eye Screening with Lions Club

                        Nov. 6-8 – Parent Conferences


Curriculum:  Teachers are already implementing our new scope and sequences in Language Arts, Math and Science. 


School wide Discipline:  Comparing last year’s first month and this year’s first month for office referrals:

Sept.    2001-2002       19 days            18 referrals       .95 referrals per day

Sept.    2002-2003       19 days            14 referrals       .74 referrals per day


This doesn’t look like a good record until you understand that the 14 referrals are the number of students involved in incidents.  There were 5 boys involved in one playground indiscretion, 2 girls in another one, and one other that involved 2 boys.  So although 14 students have been to my office, there were only 8 behavioral incidents.  The other important piece of information to me is that only one student has been to see me twice, both for relatively minor insurrections (non-compliance in the classroom – just sitting, not doing his work.)  Last year, three students on separate occasions were in my office for three different incidents each.  Comparing that with this year’s beginning, I believe there’s been a lot of improvement.  


Mighty Mustangs:  The staff is meeting this Wednesday to determine what our Mighty Mustang program will look like this year.  We are very happy that our Safe Schools grant will pay for training to improve and update our classroom management skills.  This portion of the Effective Behavior Systems (origination of the Mighty Mustang program) will enhance our school-wide efforts to manage student behavior so that optimum learning can occur.


Lunch Program:  We are able to have an expanded lunchtime allotment this year due to the availability of the new gym for PE classes (we don’t have to share!)  The students have 25 minutes (30 minutes was just a little too long for 100 students at a time) in which to eat lunch, visit, and renew their energy levels.  It isn’t the quiet atmosphere you get when you eat in the classroom, but it isn’t too bad considering the cafeteria environment.  The students have been wonderful most of the time.


Vandalism Report:  Still no vandalism.  Keep up the positive thoughts!


Recognitions:  It takes a lot of higher level thinking skills to keep a school our size running smoothly.  The members of Creslane’s staff make this school an impressive institution! June Colley found a solution to a scheduling problem that benefited two grade levels.  She saw the problem, researched possible solutions, and discovered one that caused no additional problems and solved many.  Thank you to June! 

Trish Barth has given many hours to Creslane, selling Entertainment Books in our lobby.  Day after day she sat faithfully inviting people to give us their money. J   We are thankful for our volunteers.

Margaret York has only worked as a custodian in our building for a couple weeks.  This week she was called at 4:30 a.m. Monday morning.  This phone call informed her that she would be the only custodian in the building due to illnesses and vacations.  With fear and trepidation, she took on the obligations as “head-middle-low custodians” at Creslane, keeping us clean and orderly.  Our custodial staff is wonderful because of conscientiousness such as Margaret’s.


Enrollment:  531 students

(508 students this time last year)