The regular school board meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane County School District #40, Creswell, Oregon, was held Wednesday, September 11, 2002 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Creswell High School Library, 33390 Nieblock Lane, Creswell, Oregon, 97426, with Vice-Chair Ehrich presiding.



                                                            Vicky Curry

                                                            Anne Freske

                                                            Lonn Robertson

                                                            Kathy Thompson




                                                            Connie Dersham

                                                            Jim Honer



ALSO PRESENT:                            Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent

                                                            Judy Hillman, Business Manager

                                                            Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education

                                                            Joel Higdon, District Technology Coordinator

                                                            Jacque Robertson, Creslane Principal

                                                            Shirley Burrus, CMS Interim Principal

                                                            Bob George, CHS Principal

                                                            Karen Narmore, CHS Vice-Principal

                                                            Marilyn Cruzan, Administrative Secretary

                                                            Wendy Locke, The Chronicle



               01.          Action, establish a quorum

Vice Chair Ehrich announced there was a quorum.       


02.           Pledge of Allegiance


Mr. Ehrich gave the student representative oath of office to CHS student Collin Lyons.



03.           Visitors: 







Page 2 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-11-02




04.           Action, approve agenda/add items

Mr. Ehrich announced that a request was made to add an item to the agenda under unfinished business, specifically an update of the Family School issue. 

Dr. Curry moved to add that as an information item on agenda item 14.  Dr. Robertson seconded.  Dr. Curry amended her motion to make agenda item 14 a discussion item. Dr. Robertson seconded the amendment.  THE AMENDMENT CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.




Mr. Ehrich stated that the middle school has asked that a trip request be placed on tonight’s agenda.  Dr. Robertson moved that the board change discussion item number 11 to an action item on the AR for policy JFCF.   Mrs. Thompson seconded.  Dr. Curry expressed concern  about the coordination between the AR and the school handbooks.  She  would like to see the AR go back to the policy committee before adoption by the board.  Dr. Robertson restated that he would like to have the AR adopted. 

                              THE MOTION CARRIED AS FOLLOWS:

                              DR. CURRY – NO

                              MR. EHRICH – YES

                              MRS. FRESKE – YES

                              DR. ROBERTSON – YES

                              MRS. THOMPSON – YES


Dr. Curry added that she didn’t think the policy AR had  been refined as she thought the policy committee was planning to do.


Mrs. Thompson moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



05.           Action, approve the August 14, 2002  regular board meeting minutes.

Dr. Robertson moved to approve the August 14, 2002 minutes.  Mrs. Freske seconded.  Dr. Robertson asked to have the minutes modified to indicate that he excused himself from the meeting after item 16. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



06.           Information, Trustees Reports

A.     Heery Construction Report

Mr. Kaufmann reported that the landscaping in the parking lot and some exterior cleaning still need to be completed at Creslane. Upgrades to the west corridor will begin next week.  The fencing around the high school bleachers is complete.  Fencing was also installed west of Creslane.  The track has also been completed.  Pricing


Page 3 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-11-02


for a sidewalk near the bleachers that will provide handicapped access will be obtained this week.  The extra projects costs have totaled $326,000 so far with $481,000 committed.  This leaves $269,000 for the remaining project of relocating the district office.  They are working on obtaining a proposal from Willamette ESD on the district office project. When pricing is complete it will be brought to the board.  Mr. Kaufman reported that at this point there will be around $400,000 left over after  projects are completed.  Dr. Robertson asked if  the $400,000 would be left over after the district office change.  Mr. Kaufman stated that if the district office project is completed at $269,000, which is part of the $750,000 approved last year, that would still leave $400,000. 


B.     January Meeting Date Change

Dr. Stuber reported that the board chair suggested the January board meeting be held on January 15 rather than January 8.  Dr. Curry stated that any meetings held on the third Wednesday would be a conflict for her.  Dr. Stuber suggested that other possible dates be discussed at a later time.


07.           Information, Supervisors Reports

Mr. Ehrich thanked Mrs. Robertson for the excellent Open House at Creslane.  Mrs. Freseke asked if the sod around the football field has started to take hold.  Mr. George said that it had.  Dr. Curry asked for an enrollment report that shows a rolling year.


08.          Information, Student Representative Report

                              There was no student report.


09.           Information, Business Manager Report

There were no questions on the Business Manager report.



11.           Action, JFCF “Hazing….” Policy AR

Dr. Robertson moved to accept policy JFCF/GBNA-AR.  Mrs. Thompson seconded. Dr. Robertson explained that this policy and AR came to the board in November.   It has been worked on by the policy committee and was brought back to the board in May knowing that it was not completed at that time.  The committee left the sentence on the AR “complaint and investigative procedures as established by each school shall be attached as addenda to this AR and shall be provided to students, parents and staff “.    The complaint and investigative procedures were included in the elementary and middle school hand books which were approved at the August board meeting.  


Dr. Robertson suggested that the board accept the AR as the working document at this time and that the policy committee could work later  to refine it and bring it back to the board and administrators  Dr. Curry said that she would like the AR to be consistent with the handbooks and policy and she does not see that it is.  She has not reviewed the AR and is not prepared

Page 4 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-11-02



to take action on the AR  at tonight’s meeting.  She stated that we do have a policy in place and the board should not rush into an AR when there are procedures in the handbooks.  She would like to table the AR until the policy committee can make it a priority.  Dr. Curry moved to table this agenda item. The motion did not receive a second.   Dr. Stuber stated that as long as the board adopts the handbooks there is some enforcement.  Dr. Robertson moved to table the item to the next board meeting.  Dr. Curry seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 


12.           Action, approve handbooks

Mrs. Freske moved to approve the Creswell High School student, staff and coach handbooks and the Creslane and Creswell Middle School staff handbooks.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


13.           Discussion, community transportation planning

Mr. Ehrich reported that he and Dr. Stuber have had discussions with the city administrator  regarding a transportation system plan and the state of  the system within our community. The city council has chartered a committee to review our bike and pedestrian plan in coordination with the school district. The City Council has asked that the district provide two members for the committee.  Mr. Ehrich volunteered to represent the district in this effort and also suggested that Cortney Burrus, district Transportation Supervisor also serve on this committee.  Mr. Ehrich will report back to the board .


               14.          Discussion, Family School Update

Mrs. Meyers reported that part three of the mediation is still in progress.  This is due to not hearing back from some of the individuals involved in the mediation.  Dr. Stuber stated that part one of the agreement has been taken care of with Creslane proceeding as indicated,  the policy committee will be discussing policy revisions at its September 16 meeting.   Strategic Planning will be taking a look at the third part, schools of choice.  Depending on what comes out of the Strategic Planning group, for each type of school that’s recommended and adopted there would likely be a policy for those as well as describing why they were set up. 


Dr. Curry would still like to see an agreement from mediation that all sides have signed off on.  Mr. Ehrich stated that the board has agreed to accept the mediated agreement and are expecting to have a final agreement  presented to them at some point. 


Dr. Curry asked if the board could request a final agreement from mediation. Dr. Robertson moved that the board ask the core group involved in

mediation to have a mediated agreement on item three by the October board meeting.  Dr. Curry seconded.  Dr. Robertson said the intent of  his motion is to set a deadline for a decision. Dr. Curry asked if there could be one document showing that an agreement has been reached on all three items. THE MOTION CARRIED UANIMOUSLY.  Dr. Stuber asked

Page 5 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 9-11-02


Ms. Robertson to contact the group.  Ms. Robertson will report to the board at the October board meeting.




15.           Action, Personnel report

Mrs. Freske moved to approve the Personnel Report.  Mrs. Thompson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


16.           Action, post Charter School Policy LBE and AR

Dr. Robertson moved to table Charter School Policy LBE and AR and send it back to the policy committee.  Dr. Curry seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


               17.          Action, milk bids

The district recommends that the board rescind the milk bid awarded to Umpqua Dairy at the August board meeting and award the bid to another vendor. Dr. Roberson moved to rescind the awarding of the milk bid to Umpqua Dairy made on August 14.  Dr. Curry seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Dr. Curry moved to award the milk bid to Echo Spring Dairy.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


18.           Creswell Middle School Trip Request

Dr. Robertson moved to approve the middle school trip to Washington D.C., New York City and Philadelphia.  Dr. Curry seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



Items for October agenda




                              ADJOURNMENT:  The board meeting adjourned at  9:00 P.M.







Dr. Rick Stuber,  Superintendent




Don Ehrich, Vice Chair