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What is the Key Communicator program all about?


People talk to people... And those people talk to other people.

And that, however sophisticated and well-planned a school district’s communications program may be, is how a large proportion of school news gets around.

One problem is that this communications system is unreliable and usually one-way. Bits of information filter outward from the schools into the community along informal channels without regard to accuracy or completeness. Thus, rumors form, spread and become difficult to counteract.

The information that filters back to school officials is often too late for a meaningful response, and sparks that could have been quickly snuffed become fires of major proportions.

How is this problem resolved in a district like ours?

The Key Communicator Network solves this problem via the creation of an ongoing two way exchange between our schools and the people they serve.


Why do we need Key Communicators?

Developing one-on-one relationships is an effective means of communicating within the community. Key Communicators will help people know more about the school district and help the school district know more about what people think, feel, and know.


Who can be a part of the Key Communicator Network?

Parents, community members, school district employees, and anyone else who would like to be kept informed of key issues within our district.


How does the Key Communicator Network work and how can I join?

There are three easy ways to register:

1) Simply call (541 895-6000) and ask to become part of our network

2) Send an email to Superintendent Ruby Price at


3) Follow this link to a form that can be printed then filled out and left at the district office or school. CRESWELL KEY COMMUNICATORS SIGN-UP (You will need a PDF viewer to open and print.)

Each Key Communicator will routinely be kept informed with information about education, programs, board actions, policies, and activities through e-mail messages from Supt. Ruby Price. Throughout the normal course of a day - at soccer practice, band practice, or while chatting with a neighbor - Key Communicators will be asked to share the information and then make the district aware of questions or concerns via email or phone call.


Creswell Public Schools will continue to send and receive key information through email to registered Key Communicators to ensure prompt notification and efficient communication.



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