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Current School Board Meeting Information. Posted for your review. 

 Current Month:  JANUARY   

  • Read the past month's minutes from the regular school board meeting.  CLICK HERE


  • Review the Regular School Board Meeting Agenda.  READ IT HERE


  • Read Dr. Stuber's fact sheets and/or Superintendent Report.



  • Review submitted school district supervisor's reports.  (Please note: If there is no link present, either no report was submitted to the board or no report was submitted for web publication.) 
    • High School Principal's Report

    • Middle School Principal's Report

    • Elementary School Principal's Report

    • Business Manager's Report

    • Technology Director's Report

    • Special Education Director's Report


  • Currently Posted School Board Policy 

    AE District Goals, new

    ECAAA I D Badges, new

    ECAAA AR  I D Badges, new

    ECAB Vandalism, new

    IA Instruction Goals, revised

    IGBHA Alternative Education Records, revised

    IGBHA AR Alternative Education Records, revised

    IGBHB Alternative Education Programs, revised

    IGBHB AR Alternative Education Programs, revised

    JFCB Care of District Property, new

    JHFDA Suspension of Driving Privileges, new

    JHFDA AR Suspension of Driving Privileges, new

    JHFDA AR 2 Suspension of Driving Privileges, new

    JN Student Fees, revised

    JO Educational Records, revised

    KBA Public Records, revised

    JECDA & AR Transcript Evaluations, revised


  • Review the past month's School Board Meeting Information.