Finance Committee Meeting

March 4, 2009




Lonn Robertson, Kathy Thompson, Shirley Burrus, Sandi Scaife, Ellen Adler, Bill Martin, Ken Donner, Chris Matthiesen, Jacque Robertson, Jan Ophus, David Eusted, Jennifer Heiss, Ron Blatch, and Chris Kuhnhausen


It was moved and seconded to recommend to the board that the district not cut any days from this year’s calendar and maintain the freeze on unnecessary expenditures.  Motion passed.


It was moved and seconded to not recommend pursuing a local option levy at this time.  Motion passed.


A discussion was held on how to make cuts, who makes them, and where do site councils fit in the equation.  Ms. Thompson stated that the committee needs to look at the budget as a whole.  If the committee doesn’t do this then it has no purpose.  Site councils and the administrators become the advocates for the individual buildings.  Dr. Robertson stated that he would like the committee to receive the site council minutes. 


The committee agreed to meet at 6 a.m. starting next week.  Ms. Heiss will prepare a spreadsheet of each function code in the general fund with details of fixed costs versus variable costs.  The committee will review this data to determine what recommendations they can make regarding the budget in an attempt to balance the revenue to district requirements and goals.