Finance Committee Meeting

March 11, 2009




Lonn Robertson, Kathy Thompson, Shirley Burrus, Sandi Scaife, Ellen Adler, Bill Martin, Ken Donner, Chris Matthiesen, Jacque Robertson, Jan Ophus, Jennifer Heiss, Ron Blatch, and Chris Kuhnhausen


The principals shared what each site council has discussed relative to the budget.

CHS††† Hopes that there are no cuts and reminder to everyone that high schools cost more to run than other buildings

CMS†† Havenít met yet

CES††† Discussed the items in the budget and would like details on purchased services


The buildings asked about removing the Risograph machines as a reduction in expense.They are not being used much.Ms. Heiss will look into the contract stipulations.


The committee reviewed the general fund details and Mr. Blatch asked why the details donít match the general fund projection done a month ago.Ms. Heiss will reconcile the numbers.


Next meeting the committee will brainstorm reduction ideas and prioritize.In addition, the committee will attempt to decide on a revenue number to use for budgeting knowing that it may change as the legislature continues.The committee also will determine and recommend that allocation per building of any reductions.


It was moved and seconded to recommend a 5% budget for unappropriated ending fund balance and contingency.It passed with 1 no vote.


Dr. Robertson reminded the committee that it needs to remain positive and be the group to dispel rumors.The committee needs to be part of the solution and not a spectator in this endeavor.