February 4, 2009

Finance Committee Minutes



Kathy Thompson, Shirley Burrus, Lonn Robertson, Debra Weber, Jan Ophus, Bill Martin, David Eusted, Sandi Scaife, Ellen Adler, Chris Matthiesen, Jacque Robertson, Ron Blatch, Ken Donner & Jennifer Heiss


Lonn Robertson was selected as chair/spokesman for the committee


The committee agreed to the following goals:


          The finance committee will acquire an in depth understanding of budgets and finances of the school district

                   Review revenue sources

                   Review distribution of funds for expenditures


          The finance committee will compare data with other districts with the goal of aligning resources to best practice expenditure

                   Long range vision for the district


          The finance committee will be a communicator of information to various stakeholders' including the community


Materials distributed:

          Financial update 2/2/09

          Shortfall potential for 09-10

          QEM calculations by school

          State School Fund calculation sheet


Jennifer reviewed the state school fund calculation for the committee


Discussion was held on:

          creative use of the IDEA and Title revenue from the economic stimulus bill

          is there a different way of delivering education for students (are we being strategic with our dollars)

          Lonn asked that all questions be sent to Jennifer with a reply all to facilitate discussion