Finance Committee Meeting

February 18, 2009




Lonn Robertson, Kathy Thompson, Chris Mattheisen, Shirley Burrus, Sandi Scaife, Ellen Adler, Bill Martin, Ken Donner, Debra Weber, Jacque Robertson, Jennifer Heiss


A discussion was held on the merits of a public forum.Concerns were expressed about whether anyone different than the usual attendees and the value.Ms. Thompson expressed that there was interest in the past on a budget 101 type forum.Ideas to consider: later in spring when there was more information; 30 minutes prior to a board meeting; not on Wednesday because of conflicts; donít cry wolf and then find out things are ok.


Ms. Heiss distributed handouts on the athletic costs, transportation costs and mileages by type, salary schedules and a recap of salary and benefit costs for 2008-2009 and projected 2009-2010.


The issue of a survey was discussed.Mr. Blatch had sent an email with one type of format.Dr. Robertson suggested questions similar to the Eugene 4J format.Mr. Donner and others expressed some discomfit with the survey instrument citing the lack of science around the development of the instrument and concern that the results might be skewed data.Mr. Martin expressed that the most vulnerable citizens tend to be underrepresented.People and staff are frightened which also affects choices in answers.A decision needs to be made as to what the committee plans to gain from the survey.Is it a communication piece showing the tough choices and where the district is; is it to help determine values for the school district; are we spreading the doom prematurely; etc.?


Next week Ms. Weber will bring some information for a discussion around developing an alternative school at the high school so that the committee can look at revenue enhancement along with budget cuts.


Dr. Robertson has spoken to the Pleasant Hill board chair and is planning an informal meeting to discuss ways the two districts could share costs.