Finance Committee Meeting

Minutes April 8, 2009


Attendance:  Ron Blatch, Jacque Robertson, Lonn Robertson, Kathy Thompson, Chris Matthiesen, Dianna McMahon, Chris Kuhnhausen, Ken Donner, Sandi Scaife, Jan Ophus, David Eusted, Ellen Adler, Shirley Burrus, Bill Martin, Jennifer Heiss.


Dr. Robertson reminded us of the agreement of a 5% reserve and that the group agrees to be “cautionary optimistic” agreeing to a $5.6 billion level of funding.  This results in reductions of $766,000. 


After much discussion, the finance committee voted with one no to forward a request for 12 days be cut from next year to preserve staff. 


The committee requested that the administrators review the level of custodial and transportation to decide if any reductions can be made in these areas.