Minutes Finance Committee

April 1, 2009


Attendance:  Ron Blatch, Jacque Robertson, Shirley Burrus, Lonn Robertson, David Eusted, Ellen Adler, Bill Martin, Ken Donner and Jennifer Heiss.


The committee reviewed the revenue numbers including Jim Sager’s (Governor’s education aide) statement of cutting 15% below the Governor’s budget.  A 15% reduction would result in a $1.9 million dollar shortfall in next year’s CSD budget.


The committee felt more comfortable with projections that result in a $1.1 million dollar CSD shortfall ($2.9 billion dollar statewide loss of funds – see March 25 forecast). Lonn reported his conversation with Eugene 4J and the premise that they are using the Feb. 20 numbers knowing that they will probably have to cut from there.  This at least gives the committee a perspective when they read articles in the Register Guard.


Jacque stated that the most she can cut will not accommodate a $1.1 million shortfall.


Lonn reflected on special education costs and asked if there was any way to make reductions or increase revenue in this program. An audit of sorts might help to assure that we are as efficient as possible as we assume new/additional IDEA monies.


Options to look at besides Special Ed are reductions in field trips, postpone textbook adoption, reduction of technology budget, and RIF’ing any non-essential staff at all Centers. Additional cuts can come from reduction of the scope of the sports programs at CMS and CHS – possible scenarios are to reduce the number of sports at the high school, cut non-league games, drop JV2 programs, go to a 6 sports offering, have only varsity teams be paid coaching. Administrators will need to make those decisions and recommendations.


The committee unanimously agreed that recommending cutting days will be necessary for next year, with the statement made that 8 months of good education is better than 9 months of mediocre education.  The committee agreed that cutting days would be cleaner than pay adjustments and would give the district the ability to add or subtract days as funding adjustments are necessary in the future. 


Each center is asked to reduce 10% and have a list ready for the board meeting next week.  These lists should be given to Jennifer for compilation but that the information should also be included in each center’s board reports.


The committee instructed Lonn to send a letter to ODE and the legislature on how many days are taken out of education for the myriad of testing.  Lonn will draft a letter and run it past the committee and Dr. Stuber prior to sending.