1.    Curriculum.  K-12 Science curriculum review will have its first meeting in October.  Math teachers met to discuss the new state requirements.


2.    Facilities.  Long-range facilities planning was incorporated into the PR/City of Creswell board committee.  Leadership determined if the PR committee wanted long-range planning separated, the PR committee could set up a sub-committee.


3.    Public Relations.  Boosters have asked for a change in the Wellness Policy.  A new state law effective after the Wellness Policy was adopted eases the restrictions for outside groups.  The Chair has referred the booster request to the Policy Committee.


4.    Staff.  The plan for hiring the 2009 HS Principal is to advertise in January and February and begin the screening in March.  This will coincide with the Supt search and allow some input from the final Supt candidate.  A committee comprised of a HS teacher(s), HS office staff, Student Council representative, Site Council and community members will be formed to screen and interview finalists.


5.    Other. 


a.    Donations. 

                                          i.    Kaikilani Walsh donated $1500 for needy students split at $500 each for the HS, MS and Creslane.

b.    Agenda items.

11.   OSBA representatives will present information on progress to date.  The Search Committee meets (met) September 4th.

12.   The Athletic Handbook item is a carryover from August.

15.  We have not received any comments on the posted policies.