MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”

to:                   Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report

date:              9/12/2005




The Technology Department is ready for the 2005-06 School Year.  It is going to be a good year.



·         The High School main computer lab received new computer workstations.  The older replaced computer workstations were moved into other areas of the school.  For example, the new online-learning /distance-learning classroom received a bank of eight computer workstations.  These workstations will compliment nicely the PollyCom Videoconferencing system also in the classroom.  Between the computer workstations and the videoconferencing system students will be able to attend online classes and live video/data classes. 


·         The Middle School had a new secondary computer lab created.  This was made possible by a donation of “newer” computer components by Peace Health late last spring.    


·         The Elementary School had an additional wireless portable lab added.  These wireless notebook computers in a portable cabinet will bring a computer lab into any classroom.


·         We installed and configured new security management software on all the primary student computers.  This new tool will aid in the computer maintenance.  We are hoping this will cut down on the downtime of computer workstations due to viruses, spyware, and the like.


·         The creation of wireless network access points throughout the District is on track for completion this month. 


·         Easy Grade Pro was installed on all teaching staff computer workstations this summer.  This electronic grade book program dovetails nicely into the District’s scope and sequence curriculum allowing for tracking of learner outcomes and in-turn reporting of the results.    


·         Normal summer technology maintenance was completed.







The last major revision of the Technology Plan occurred during the Strategic Planning Process where the School Board approved the document.  Since then, the Technology Plan has not been a binder on a shelf collecting dust but rather a dynamic document.  It’s the guidepost used for technology related decisions and purchases for the District.   


The Oregon Department of Education mandates the District have a State approved technology plan on record for compliance in various Title programs as well as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  Our current plan has fulfilled that mandate.   It also has been used to help achieve grants for the District, such as the Palm Grant that is now in its second year.  With the completion of the Continuous Improvement Plan, there is a no better time to revisit the Technology Plan.  My goal here is to have a reviewed and updated plan to the School Board by the January Board Meeting.   




District-wide and ongoing activities:


·         District technology budget


·         Technology maintenance and upkeep


·         Curriculum support 


·         Staff training on District’s technology



Thank you.