Creslane School Board Report

September 14, 2005



September 6 – Open House

September 7 – First Day of regular classes & Kindergarten screenings begin

September 8 – Crosswalk Training (10:00)

September 12 – Crosswalk Duty Begins

September 12 & 13 – MAC Training (CES Library 3:30)

September 19-21 – Book Fair (CES Library 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.)

October 7 – School Pictures



We ended a little low right at the end of last year, but we have retrieved those numbers and added a few more to equal a total of about 594.

Kindergarten = 84 (about 17 per session)

First = 111 (about 28 per room)

Second = 96 (about 24 per room)

Third = 94 (about 24 per room)

Fourth = 111 (about 28 per room)

Fifth = 94 (about 24 per room)


Creslane Open House: 

Our first day at Creslane was another success!  We enrolled about 25 new students.  It would have been total chaos trying to teach students, enroll new families and deal with each parent’s concerns, so thank you for allowing all of us to have this day for a great beginning.  Students were relieved of their anxiety by meeting their teachers in a relaxed and nearly individual basis.  Parents were able to update information, find out classroom procedures, and visit with the teachers about concerns about their children.  About 80% of our families took advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


Fund Raisers:

This year we’re raising money for soundboards in the cafeteria to reduce noise pollution.  Our first fundraiser is Entertainment Books selling for $30.00.  These are available through Barabara Sears, (the FUND RAISER GURU) at Creslane.  The next one will be a gift-wrapping sale occurring about October 13 or so.  The last one will be Cookie Dough just before Spring Break.  We will also be developing and selling clothing with the Mighty Mustang logo to encourage camaraderie and school spirit.



Many of the glitches found last spring in our learner outcomes, assessments and check-off sheets are being remedied.  Primary grades will be increasing their focus on reading, writing, and math.  They will be using science, health and social sciences to help teach language arts and math problem solving skills.  Creslane teachers have often believed if the basic skills are solidly formulated in the earliest grades, the rest of the curriculum will come more easily and effectively.  We are all relieved that the District’s focus will be to help more of our students achieve success in math and writing.

          DIBELS testing will start on Monday, September 12 for first and second grades.  Kindergarten testing will start September 26th.  Last year, we decided that the DIBELS test results did not give us enough useful information to warrant its use at that grade level.



Dean Karcher: 

A fourth grader in our school who has had difficulty enjoying school has decided that school is great.  He loves his teacher and has already made tremendous strides in getting to school without fighting with the adults in his life. 

June Colley: 

June has given a lot of time and effort to helping all the Handheld Palm Grant teachers at Creslane get their equipment running.  This has required many extra hours and headaches on her part.  She has extended her learning curve from becoming a successful second grade teacher to also becoming a successful adult teacher.


Steve Eastburn, Clydena Bell and James Johnson made this school SHINE for our opening days.

Budget Committee: 

Giving us enough money to finish painting Creslane so that is all one color and looks like a united school.  It is a beautiful job!  The painters were students of Creswell School District.

Classified Staff:

On our Open House Day, the classified staff came and helped parents and students find their classrooms, answered questions, and helped in innumerable ways make our school community a happy, safe place.


All in all the beginning of the year has proceeded smoothly at Creslane.  We are excited with our new staff members and delighted to have our returning staff.  The students have remembered the rules and are trying hard to comply.