Curriculum Update


We will improve student achievement on District Assessments.

In order to meet the goal established by the Creswell School

District of achieving student improvement as measured on assessments, the

components of this goal were identified for tracking on a month-by-month

basis.  They are comprised of:


1.  Content Committee activities.

August 25....Outlined process to administrators.

Administrators to begin selection of Social Studies review team.

August 30.....Reviewed goals within General Staff meeting

August 31.....Met with selected MS and HS content areas to

review 2003-2004 data and encourage continued improvements

August 30-September 2... building administrators met with

content area groups, classroom groups and individual staff to review

2003-2004 data



2.  Staff training or inservice, to include:

a.  Learner outcomes

August with MS/HS science/math departments

b.  Presentations to new staff

September 2...Met with new teachers to review process

c.  Data gathering

Meetings on 31st and 2nd stressed the importance of having

the district learner outcomes and assessments aligned to a recording

instrument.  Noted that the building offices would have the preformatted

documents on hand but that staff needed to make sure their copy was in use

as the school year passed and that they were diligent in keeping them

up-to-date.  High priority for principals to double check this piece early

in the year.


3.  Developing a District Gradebook

a.  Training staff to use the gradebook

Will meet with Mr. Higdon to explore process needed.

August 25...discussed issues pertaining to a "one system"

gradebook as applications differ among buildings


4.  Recognizing staff and students

a.  Board presentations by staff and/or students

b.  Incentives for curriculum sharing

Continue to applaud our beginning efforts to implement the

curriculum model.