MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~


to:                 Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:           JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:     Activity report

date:            9/7/2003



·        Implementation of Pentamation Teacher Workstations at the high school was successful

·        Completing the fiber/wireless project between the school facilities to improve network connectivity is ongoing and will be finished by the end of September.  Some delays occurred due to contractors schedules

·        Creating a Distance Learning/ VTEL Lab is partially finished.  The computer workstations for the lab are in place and operational.  The VTEL equipment will be in place and operational once the room the system will be used in is finished.  The Distance Learning Lab is two fold with the computer workstations in place in the HS Library while the VTEL system will be in place at the new Board/Conference Room at the new DO facility.  You may recall that this idea was discussed during the August Board meeting report.  Having the computer workstations in the library creates a win-win situation.  First the units can be supervised by the librarian and second they will be able to be used for multiple purposes.   Having the VTEL system in the new Board/Conference Room also creates a win-win situation.  First the system can be supervised by the DO and second they will be able to be used for multiple purposes. 

·        Maintenance on classroom and lab computers after the summer break was successful.  New security measures were implemented.  For example, all lab computers now have static IP addresses.  This will allow for better tracking of problems.

·        The recent rash of viruses and worms that are plaguing the Internet have taken their toll on our network and systems.  Our defenses have held true, so far, minus a few machines.  Out of the 300 systems in the district about a dozen have been infected and are being cleaned and/or repaired.  


District-wide and ongoing:

§        District Technology Budget

§        Technology maintenance and upkeep.

§        Curriculum support. 

§        Staff training on District’s technology