Creswell Middle School Board Report

September 3, 2003



The CMS Staff welcomed parents and students by serving coffee, juice and muffins on Wednesday, the first day of school for all students.  All of our snacks came from Apple Annie’s and were paid for with CSR funds.  Thanks Kathy Thompson for all the help!


Staff Inservice – We held a full staff in-service on August 27th.  We brought in a reading consultant in to help our staff learn to teach reading.  This  

                                    was paid for with CSR Grant funds.


  Guidance and Counseling – We have been testing all new students in math and reading to find the most appropriate placement for each student.

We have had several meetings with our new student’s families.  This is also important to help with student placement and to familiarize the family with CMS. 


2003-2004 Schedule -  Looks different this year.  All of our students will begin their day with a reading class followed by L. Arts, S. Studies, Math, PE and Science.  Since we don’t have electives this year, we will be offering a Discovery class at the end of the day.  Discovery classes will last for 6 weeks.  I will include a copy of the first session choices.


Enrollment – 6th - 99 students

 7th  - 102 students

 8th – 99 students


Effective Behavior Support Lessons - The CMS GROWL video was completed last night!   GROWL rules were taught to all 6th graders on September 2nd and 3rd.  The 7th and 8th graders will view the GROWL video as a refresher to CMS rules and expectations.


Fall Sports – The fall sport season will get under way on September 4th.     We feel real lucky to have four great coaches that are also CMS staff members.  Anna Davis and Lauri Thomas will coach our volleyball teams.  Ron Lampe and Stan Mercer will coach our football teams.  Schedules attached.


6th Grade – Our 6th graders started their Middle School Career on Tuesday.  They had a day without 7th and 8th graders to become familiar with CMS and the 6th grade expectations.


Rich Bowden – applied and received a $1500.00 grant to fund his Sticks, Stones, Bones and Bugs Discovery class from the Diack Family Oregon Ecology Education Fund!


Leslie Harstad  - was married last month – her new name is Leslie Harstad-Bell.


CMS Meetings Dates - see attached.


CMS Wish List – see attached.