Creslane School Board Report

September 10, 2003


Calendar:     Sept. 5:    Crosswalk Duty Training

                    Sept. 19:  School Pictures

          Sept. 30:  Sally Foster Wrapping Paper and Entertainment Book

 Fund Raiser kickoff (Reading and math materials)



After In-service Week:   During in-service week we had three wonderful workshops for Creslane’s staff.

Tuesday – Lane ESD provided a great workshop for Creslane’s classified staff on Positive Behavior Support (the new name for Effective Behavior Support).  We discussed what research has taught us about children behaving in schools.  Then we applied the researched theory to our school’s routines and rules.  We made adjustments to our recess and lunchroom procedures.  We implemented those changes the first day of school on Wednesday.  Wednesday afternoon we refined those plans.  We are pleased with the changes we have made so far.  Whenever changes are made in a building as large as ours, conflicts can be expected.  But we are learning to “go with the flow” and critically analyze everything we do in light of our efforts to increase positive behavior.

Wednesday – Mariya Masters came and presented BrainGym, a method of using movement to increase neurological receptivity.  This was for certified staff, but I wish I had invited our classified personnel to learn about these brain integration techniques.  Great stuff!  (We will review these movements each week in our staff meetings to increase neurological receptivity to my demands. J)

Thursday – Our last workshop for the week was on our new science material.  Barbara Banister, the teacher/author of Simply Science (our new science curriculum that aligns with the district scope and sequence and the state benchmarks), gave us “hands-on” experiences to demonstrate how the materials can be used to enhance scientific inquiry and study.

  Although this wasn’t part of the workshop, the University of Oregon will be giving Creslane staff more material and two graduate students from the science department to use as resources. 




Enrollment:  530 students (7 more than we ended with last year with 6 less adults to teach them – ouch!)

          K = 89  (25 per session)

          1 = 87   (29 per class)

          2 = 104 (35 per class) (this is the Fire Marshall’s limit per room)*

          3 = 77   (26 per class)

          4 = 93   (31 per class)

          5 = 79   (26 per class)


*If more second graders enroll we will be placing them in a third grade classroom.  The third grade teacher will then have a blended classroom and will just love it! J


Vandalism:  On Tuesday (August 26th) cement was thrown and broke two windows in a fourth grade classroom in the old wing.  These were replaced over the weekend.


First Days:  Creslane had a grand turn-out for the drop-in/conference day, September 2.  We were open from 11:00-7:00 p.m.  Although several families showed up at 7:15 a.m. for school, they were content to come back later when the teachers were here. 

          September 3 was our first full day of classes.  It was a success, and its full steam ahead……