1.    Curriculum.  1st meeting for Math success team will occur this month.


2.    Facilities. 


3.    Public Relations.  The Nieblock/Harvey Road project is scheduled to begin January 2.  There will be considerable delays for HS traffic until this is completed.  Also, the city is installing a water line on property between the HS and Creslane.


4.    Staff. 


5.    Other. 

a.    Donations. 

                                          i.    The Creswell Education Foundation purchased a “circle time” carpet for the kindergarten room.  $405 value.

                                        ii.    Sacred Heart Hospital is donating exercise equipment.  I will have more information next month.

b.    Agenda items.

14.   Alternative education placements.  I recommend adding Insight School, Oregon Connections, and Oregon Virtual as noted to the list of approved alted placements.  The virtual schools are enrolling students from our district who are currently home-schooled.


15.   New Policies.  These new policies are on the district web site.

a.    EFAA-AR is a new AR regarding rules for meal/milk reimbursement.

b.     EHA, insurance portability and accountability is a new required policy.

c.    GCBDA, et al, are new ARs for the Family Medical Leave Act.

d.    IMB-AR is a new AR which describes the district’s method of measuring student assessment.

e.    JFC student conduct and JHHA crisis prevention/response reflect current practice in the district.


16.  Revised policies.  These revisions are on the district web site.

f.     EFA-AR Local Wellness Program incorporates HB2650 allowances.