MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”



to:                  Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:            JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report



·      During this last month, our Pentamation hosting services for Student Services, Finical Services, and IEP Plus transitioned back to SunGard Corporate from Willamette ESD (WESD).  (Pentamation is the software database that our district uses to maintain student and finical records.)   This move was prompted by WESD due to their staffing changes and reorganization.  We are still currently under contract with WESD for support, so for any database issues and help inquiries we will still be contacting WESD.  The transition has not been without a few issues.  This department has been working closely with building staff and Willamette ESD to iron out the wrinkles that have arisen.     


·      Good news and bad news.  A change in technology norms has caught up with the district in the area of televisions and computer monitors. 


No surprise here, tube or box TV sets are old technology.  Flat panel TV sets such as LCD or plasma are the norm now.  Recently we needed to purchase a TV for a classroom and quickly discovered that our suppliers no longer stock the older sets.  Consequently we will be purchasing flat panel LCD TVs as old TVs are phased out or replaced as needed.  This change has some wider reaching logistical issues.  Such as, flat panels due not sit well on rolling carts and the current mounting hardware for wall TVs in the classrooms are designed for the older tube/box sets.  We will need to address these points on a case by case method as new TVs are acquired.


LCD computer monitors are increasingly overtaking the bigger and boxier CRT monitors.   Recently we replaced all the staff monitors at the high school with LCD monitors.  There was a need for CRT monitors at Creslane for student classroom use.  It was cheaper to purchase LCD monitors and swap-out the high school staff units then to go with new CRT monitors.  


Some positives with going LCD is the less physical space the units take up and the fact that they use less electricity to operate.           


·      At its final meeting last year, the Health/PE Curriculum Committee noted the following,


“The team wants to incorporate health on a district level as a whole-school campaign.  To that effect and affect, the team decided to use each month as a learning period around a theme.”


To help the campaign’s scope, I will be incorporating the monthly themes into our district’s website.  It will be both visually and with informational links.  These corresponding links and information will be available to our students and public.    


·         As a reminder, our district email domain has changed.  We no longer have following our email addresses.  It has been replaced with  An eight character limit was set under the old domain.  This caused some staff to have truncated last names for their email address.  This changeover has allowed our staff to use their first initial followed by their full last name.  Be sure to update your email address for district staff accordingly.    


Thank you