Creswell Middle School Board Report

October 6, 2009



Enrollment –           Males              Females          Totals

6th        55                    49                    104

                     7th        53                    47                    100

                     8th        61                    58                    119                  Total    323


Newsletter - attached


Open House – was held on September 28th.  We had a great turn out! (Over 400) The evening started with hot dogs, chips and drinks followed by a short assembly in the gym where our choir performed and staff was introduced.  Parents had the opportunity to win some great door prizes. Parents and students spent 30 minutes with advisory teachers going over, Edline, fall conferences, handbook verifications, middle school expectations and touring the school.


Parent Teacher Conferences – will be held on November 19th and 20th. We will be having student-led / parent / advisory teacher conferences.  Our goal is to have 100% attendance. 


State In-service Day           October 9th–A cut day - Several CMS Staff members will still be attending conferences that will enhance their teaching techniques in improve student learning)


Field Trips –

·         7th graders went to the Aquarium on Friday, October 2nd. 

·         Washington, D.C. / NYC educational tour leaves today and will return on October 12th.  We will be sending photos to Mr. Higdon to put on the District Web Site.


Fall Student Council Leadership Conference – was held in our building on September 30th.  It

was a great day to show case our school to over 80 students many different locations. 


The Annual Magazine Fundraiser - ended Friday, October 2nd.  We should find out how much we made with in a week.  This year we will earn 45% of the total amount.  It will be used for student and staff incentives  (GROWL  Behavior Support System) and art work for our new school.


Fall Sports – football, volleyball and cross country are underway and all athletes seem excited and proud to be a part of the TIGER athletic program.


Professional Development Conferences - will  help us in creating and carrying out our school improvement plan.

         * October 9th and 10th – Why Try Conference – Stan Mercer

* October 13th – Dr. Robert MarzanoGetting Serious About School Reform

Jody Young, Ken Donner and Shirley Burrus will attend for CMS


*October 18th and 19th – Professional Learning Communities

            Wanda Risley, Jody Young and Shirley Burrus


*October 27th and 28th – CTL Conference  Moving Research Into Classrooms

            Adolescent Literacy – Kim Kuhnhausen, Pat Bettencourt

            ELL - Ellen Adler

            K-8 Mathematics – Stan Mercer, Kara Freske

            Shirley Burrus will attend sections from both Math and Literacy

**This is a good opportunity for a team (school) to plan AYP strategies based on recommendations derived from rigorous research and on the experience of other practitioners.


SWIS DATA - Comparing this year’s time period (1st 4 weeks of school) with last year’s data for the same time period, we see that:

Disrespect/Insubordination has replaced Tardies as the #1 problem in school. Last year, Tardies was the biggest issue during September, then Bad Language, then Physical/Aggressive behaviors (which is chiefly pushing/tripping). This year, after Disrespect/Insub, is Tardies, then Class Disruption.

HOWEVER… the number of reported incidents is down. We have an 85% reduction in referral/incidents! We are averaging 1 referral per day and our enrollment is up by about 30.

Last year the primary area of incidents was the classroom. This year so far, it is the boys’ upstairs South restroom (3 boys stomping on ketchup packets) and the hallway/playground/cafeteria during lunch. Each of these boys have received discipline.

In-class misbehavior still occurs but teachers are dealing with these in class and documenting and then discussing them in team meetings before writing a referral. Calls to parents/guardians is also a bid help.

50% of the chief referral-earners have moved on to CHS or other schools. Among the remaining students who had heavy referral rates last year, they are either receiving behavior assistance in the form of PRO placement or behavior card, or are simply behaving better, as supported by the fact that they have earned no referrals, except for the one who is having lunchtime difficulties; and his case is being examined closely to determine an appropriate intervention.

We had 1 incident on a bus, resulting in a citation.