Creslane Board Report

October, 2009


Calendar:       Oct 8 – Pictures

                        Oct 9 – State Inservice Day

                        Oct 12 – Spin the Wheel

                        Oct 16 – Gift Wrap Fund Raiser begins

                        Oct 19 – Book Faire

                        Oct 19 – PBIS mtg.

                        Oct 30 – State Records/Report Card Day

                        Nov 3 – Fund Raiser ends

                        Nov 3 – Creslane Site Council

                        Nov 10 – Parent Conferences

                        Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day

                        Nov 13 – Picture Retakes

Every Wednesday Creslane has a staff meeting from 2:30-3:15.  Exceptions to the regular meetings will be included in the list above.  Child Study Team (CST) meetings occur every Tuesday from 2:30-3:45 (or when finished). 



             September 2009                   October 2009

Total                       =    599                       588                      

Kindergarten   =   93                         95                                 

First               =    97                         93                                 

Second           =    92                         92                                  

Third             =    95                         91                                 

Fourth           =    109                       106                               

Fifth               =    123                       119                               



Last winter we started documenting minor behaviors (as documented by our Whoa tickets) in an effort to determine how to alleviate escalations of small problems into major behaviors.  In September we had a total (major and minor referrals) of 3.59 per day, but only 1.18 per day were from major office referrals.  Our PBIS team is working hard to use our SWIS data to determine who, what, where, when and why misbehaviors are occurring.


Contributions:     Target Donation - $117.30

                             Walsh Trust - $10,000


District Goals Report:

          Goal 1:  To align entire district as one educational unit: 

·        Creslane is participating in the joint effort to write the Technology 21st Century Grant with Aaron Keo and Mary Lou Christiansen.

·        We are using the CCI-PE evaluation process, which has so far has proven to be an effective communication tool.  Creslane is also actively involved in rejuvenating our dedication to utilizing the Learner Outcomes.


Goal 2:  To increase the percentages of district students meeting and exceeding Oregon State Assessment Standards.

·        Creslane is collecting and analyzing data to determine best teaching practices to increase student learning.  We have increased DIBELS testing to include third through fifth grades.

·        Creslane has made a system’s change by moving Special Education services closer to the students so the students are spending less time traveling and more time learning.  This has been a very positive change.

·        We have moved all Title assistants into the classrooms to practice with identified students needing extra support in reading.

·        We have changed the hours of two of our assistants so they are working with students between 2 and 3:00 p.m. in grades 1, 2, and 3.

·        Every teacher has three goals including one that improves student learning by using data as a driving force in instructional decision making.