Board Report

Business Manager

October 5, 2009



The supplemental plan has been revised slightly based on concerns expressed that the last meeting. The only comment that Steve from ODE made was to see about some gravel on the corner of 7th and Mary Neal leading to the middle school. I just met with Roy Sprout and he said the City could do it for us by the end of the week. Please contact me prior to the meeting if you have any questions. Theresa Bichsel-Cook will be at the board meeting to answer any questions regarding the supplemental plan.


Creswell Middle School

The landscaping and parking lot are finished. The field is ready for the turf. ProGrass will be here on the 6th to certify that the field is graded properly and the turf is on its way from the factory. It appears that the temperatures my be too cold to put the final surface on the track. It needs to be above 50 degrees for 2 weeks. The alternative surface would be an additional $30,000 so the district may have to wait until spring for this. Rexius and Lane Forest Products are giving us bids for spraying the area with seed versus having staff and volunteers hand seed it.


Finance Committee

he finance committee continues to meet with the next meeting scheduled for October 14.


Quality School Construction Bonds

The resolution on this board agenda is to authorize the district to lock in the bonds if we find a buyer at 0%. It is a different resolution than the one on the last agenda. Oregon Department of Education has given the district authorization to move ahead. Joey McLiney is in Oregon talking to potential buyers and there should be a report at the board meeting on where we stand.