1.      1.      Curriculum.  PE/Health/6-12 curriculum work will begin with a meeting October 23rd and follow-up on November 8th.  We are planning for a November 8 TESA workshop to be scheduled in the afternoon.  Since we have school in the morning through lunch OSEA staff will be on hand and whether any will be needed in the afternoon is left up to the administrators at each building, PE/H folks and 6-12 music teachers do not need the TESA training and will use that planning time to upgrade their respective curricula with the Curriculum Director. 


2.      2.      Curriculum.  Continuous Improvement Plan.   Budget information for the CIP was prepared this month and the full CIP will be submitted before the November deadline.  On a related topic, the district also submitted it budget for it School Improvement Funds.  SIF were allocated by the legislature and need to be accounted for separately.


3.      3.      Facilities.  Long-range maintenance.  The construction levy board members will be using the long-range maintenance information in conjunction with long-range facility needs.


4.      4.      Facilities.  Middle School Bond project.  MS construction bids will be let October 11th.  We will have a walk-through and pre-bid meeting with potential contractors on October 18th.


5.      5.      Student Services.  Athletic review committee.


6.      6.      Student Services.  Articulated College Now program.


7.      7.      Labor Management Committee.  The first LMC meeting will be October 17th at 5:30 p.m. 


8.      8.      Other. 

a.      a.     Safety Committee met in September and committee members are conducting fall safety inspections.

b.      b.     Title IX compliance review is attached.  Generally speaking, the audit was clean and the recommended revisions are items that can be addressed by the Athletic Review Committee and the Policy Committee.  There is an error on p. 6; “lacrosse” should read bowling. 

c.      c.      The Department of Human Services and the American Lung Association of Oregon have proclaimed Creswell Schools to be “tobacco-free” and described our policies as “A+.”

d.      d.     We did receive a request to look into a controlled crosswalk light at the new Middle School and have passed that information on to the Safe Routes to Schools committee.