Creslane School Board Report

October 15, 2004



Calendar:  Oct. 7 – Creslane’s PBS Team meeting (2:30 Library)

                        Oct.  8 – State Inservice Day (no school)

                        Oct. 14 – Creslane’s Tragic Response Team Meeting

(2:30 Lane ESD)

                        Oct. 18 – Last day of Fund Raiser

                        Nov. 12, 15, and 16 – Parent Conferences



Average Office Referrals Per Day

2003-04                                              2004-05

September   1.43                                                   1.56




          University of Oregon Science Fellows:

We have been granted another term of a Graduate Student from the U of O to help our teachers teach physical science.  Shannon was here last year and will be working with the third grade teachers this term.  She is excited to be back and we are delighted!!!


DIBELS is the acronym for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills.  This is a series of tests to help us predict whether students are likely to be successful in reading achievement.  We have administered this test to all of our kindergarten through third grade students.  The results are as follows:

          Kindergarten:         about 50% of our students are at risk

          First:                     about 80% of our students are at risk

          Second:                 about 60% of our students are at risk

          Third:                    about 50% of our students are at risk

“At risk” indicates that our students have severe deficits and/or below grade level.  These results are measured against beginning of the year expectations.  (The indicators are gauged for appropriate grade and time of year.)  These results cause alarm as we look at the goals for NCLB and Oregon’s Report Card, besides the overwhelming number of students requiring intensive intervention and lack of funding.




Creslane met Adequate Yearly Progress according to the stipulations of the No Child Left Behind Act.  Creslane also received a “satisfactory” grade on the 2002-03 Oregon State Report Card.  Both reports use the same information but use different calculations to determine our success or failure.


            Details of the Report Card (2002-3):

School Characteristics:  Exceptional                   99.2% of our students took the tests

Academic Achievement:            Satisfactory          Reading = 85% compared to State = 83%

                                                                            Math     = 75% compared to State = 79%

(percent of students meeting standards)

Improvement: Stayed the Same           Reading = 85% last year up to 85% this year

                                                                      Math     = 75% last year up to 75% this year

                                                                  Attendance = 94% last year and same this year

            (weighted average of components)

Student Behavior:                     Satisfactory                  94.0% compared to the state’s 93.9%

            (daily average attendance)


            Details of AYP (2003-4):

Overall AYP:    Met     

English/Language Arts:  Target this year = 40%             Creslane = 78.95%

                                                Target last year = 40%           Creslane = 77.28%

Math:                                       Target this year = 39% Creslane = 70.49%

                                                Target last year = 39%           Creslane = 73.06%

Participation:                             Target this year = 95% Creslane = 98%

                                                Target last year = 95%           Creslane = 99.34%

Attendance:                              Target this year = 92% Creslane = 94.0%

                                                Target last year = 92%           Creslane = 93.76%



We received $120.18 from TARGET STORES from Creswell customers turning in their receipts.  This will go to our reading workbook fund.  We also received FOSTER POULTRY FARMS $6.36 contributions from their redemption program.  And then, RAY’S contributed a grocery cart full of supplies for teachers and students (pens, erasers, glue, markers, backpacks, etc.)

We are so fortunate to have such generous community people!


A fundraiser selling E-lemonade Stand wrapping paper and goodies has just begun at Creslane.  This will last for the next two weeks.  The students have been instructed to only sell to family members and family friends.  They are not supposed to sell “door to door.”  The Site Council voted last year to raise money for a reader board for Creslane.


                                                                                      Last year at this time:

Creslane Total:   580                                                       Total:  519 students  

Kindergarten                   94   (19 per session)                  Kindergarten = 89

First                              103   (26 per classroom)             First = 86

Second                           86   (21 per classroom)             Second = 103

Third                             109   (27 per classroom)             Third = 76

Fourth                            94   (23 per classroom)             Fourth = 87

Fifth                               94   (31 per classroom)             Fifth = 79



Emergency Response Plan:

Creswell School District had a “911 test” as part of our Emergency Response Plan.  This is just a phone response to validate the correct phone numbers (ANI – Automated Number Identification) and address (ALI – Automated Location Identification).


Staff Acknowledgments:

Keira Brown, Creslane’s music teacher, has applied to the National Boards for National Accreditation.  This is a rigorous program, but from her work at Creslane, I know she will be successful.  We are proud of her and are thankful our students receive the quality music instruction she offers.