CES Site Council Minutes:

September 22, 2003

3:45-5:00 CES Library


The agenda is presented in normal font, with the minutes identified in italics.


Members Present:  Kim Meyers, Amy Sierzega, Bobbie Magathan, and Dianna McMahon as parent representatives, Sherry Loennig, and Jacque Robertson as certified representatives


Visitors:  Debby Turnbull


Member Wanna-Bees:  Ginny Albright and Debby Turnbull as certified, Lori Williams for classified, and Jay/Valerie Frasier, Lauri Thomas and Pete/Michelle Nelson as parents


Rules: We went over the District’s policies on Site Council.  Many of the long-term members were excited to read that two years was the length of membership.  Most of them are involved for way more than two years. Diana McMahon was re-elected as the chairperson for Creslane’s Site Council.



Curriculum Update:  We reviewed and discussed the following:

 graduate fellows (Sept 30)

- results from last year (see attached)


Financial Update: 

Discussion was held about volunteerism.  Comparisons were made with Marist where volunteer needs are posted every time there is an event.  Ways to increase volunteerism were also discussed:  call people with specific jobs, times, needs; have “Teas” with problem solving discussions and confidential concerns; do grade level training sessions.




Fund Raiser:

            Sally Foster and Entertainment Books ($25 this year)  New fund raisers were suggested as our volunteer forms indicate that other people are interested in helping with this.  (Student created cookbooks, Krispy Kreme donuts, calendars)  The need to raise enough money for additional teachers was mentioned as a focus, with specific goals in music and p.e. instruction.

            We have received in workbook donations so far: $1,170


Teacher/Staff Appreciation:

            Disney Ideas, others?  Teachers are very appreciative that people are thinking of ways to recognize the magnified effort that it is taking this year to accomplish good instruction for Creswell’s students.  We will use volunteers from the volunteer sign-up sheets to organize these events.


Other?  Creslane’s Book Faire:  Diana McMahon is organizing this year’s Book Faire.  She is excited about involving the children as we work to increase awareness and participation in this fundraiser for the library.  There are door-decorating ideas, hats for the students to make, guest readers (“Heroes of Today:” firemen, military personnel, etc.) and other promotional activities planned.  Most of our books over the last three years have come from the proceeds from this event.  Thank you Diana!


Agenda Items for next meeting on Monday, October 6?