Creslane Board Report

October 8, 2003


Calendar:  Oct. 6 – Creslane Site Council Meeting (3:45 Library)

                  Oct. 7 – Creslane’s PBS Team meeting (2:30 Library)

                  Oct.  10 – State Inservice Day (no school)

                  Oct. 13 – Creslane’s Tragic Response Team Meeting (2:30 Library)

                  Oct. 15 – Last day of Sally Foster Fund Raiser

                  Nov. 6, 7, and 10 – Parent Conferences



According to our SWIS data, re-training is the order of business at Creslane.  As you look at the following data you will see a preponderance of discipline issues from the primary grades (k-3).  Remember, from last year’s reports, we have been concerned with the immaturity and behavioral issues following this year’s third graders.  Besides that, we have had 137 new students enrolled at Creslane:  89 kindergarten students, 14 first graders, 15 second graders, 5 third, 7 fourth and 7 fifth graders.  We are seeing an increase of students in the office for medications, behavioral “check-ins,” and counseling sessions.  It is also true that a student with severe behaviors will adversely affect a child with moderate behavioral difficulties.  Therefore, many of the students we have worked with in the past have to be re-educated with the escalation of misbehaviors that have moved in.


Average Office Referrals Per Day

2002-03                                                         2003-04

September     .65                                                                   1.43


Percentage of Office Referrals By Grade Level:  (please remember that the students depicted in each grade in the 2002-03 figures are basically the same people as the next grade up in the 2003-04 figures).

                        2002-03                                                         2003-04


Kindergarten 8%                                                                  10%

First                31%                                                                16%

Second                       23%                                                                39%

Third               0%                                                                  19%

Fourth             0%                                                                  10%

Fifth                 38%                                                                6%


Types of Offenses:

2002-03                                                                                                                   2003-04

Fighting/Aggression                         77%                                        24%

Classroom Disruptions        8%                                         24%

Defiance/Disrespect                        8%                                         21%




We have 519 students enrolled at Creslane. Many families have moved away since the beginning of the year, but others keep coming in. 

Total Enrollment:  519 students

Kindergarten = 89

First = 86

Second = 103

Third = 76

Fourth = 87

Fifth = 79


We are in crises mode at first and second grades:  each classroom in the first grade has 28 or 29 students per class and second grade has 34-35.  These are abhorrent class sizes for beginning learners.  Two additional teachers would greatly reduce the difficulties we are having at Creslane and increase the learning curve:  one teacher for first grade and one for second.  I am seriously worried about the current situations at these grades.


Curriculum:    Creslane met Adequate Yearly Progress according to the stipulations of the No Child Left Behind Act.  Creslane also received a “satisfactory” grade on the 2001-02 Oregon State Report Card.  Both reports use the same information but use different calculations to determine our success or failure.

            Details of the Report Card (2001-2):

School Characteristics Rating:  Exceptional                     98.4% of our students took the tests

Academic Achievement:      Satisfactory    Reading = 85% compared to State = 82%

                                                                        Math     = 75% compared to State = 76%

                                    (percent of students meeting standards)   

Improvement: Satisfactory               Reading = 77% last year up to 82% this year

                                                            Math     = 70% last year up to 75% this year

                                                            Attendance = 94% last year and same this year

                                    (weighted average of components)

Student Behavior:  Satisfactory                   93.9% compared to the state’s 93.9%

                                    (daily average attendance)


            Details of AYP (2002-3):

Overall AYP:  Met     

English/Language Arts:        Target this year = 40%         Creslane = 77.28%

                                                Target next year = 40%

Participation:                         Target this year = 95%         Creslane = 99.34%

                                                Target next year = 95%

Academic Growth:                Target this year = 3.49         Creslane = 11.4

Math:                                       Target this year = 39%         Creslane = 73.06%

                                                Target next year = 39%

Participation:                         Target this year = 95%         Creslane = 99.34%

                                                Target next year = 95%

Academic Growth:                Target this year = 3.61         Creslane = 3.80

Attendance:                           Target this year = 92%         Creslane = 93.76%

                        (Targets listed for “next year” mean this year, 2003-04)




Lunch Program:  

We are very happy with our new food services supervisor, Susan Ogawa.  She focuses on the needs of children and their idiosyncrasies.  The food quality has improved and the amount of waste is down.  Free/reduced approved applications has increased from 55% to 67%.  (Is this another sign of the stressors our children are facing, causing increased behavioral problems)?



Olsens, Wisniewskis, Whittingtons, McReynolds gave $170 toward reading workbooks.  David and Sharon Davis contributed $500.

Margaret Young from Eugene gave $100 (in addition to the money she gave last year) for reading equipment to support our Title 1 reading program.

MIC-RO-BI Enterprises Limited of Creswell donated $300 to our reading workbook fund. 

Creswell Church of Christ sent us $50 (even though they have their own school to support)

Creswell Education Foundation provided $100

Marge Williamson and the Library Foundation gave $25


We received $81.42 from TARGET STORES from Creswell customers turning in their receipts.  This will go to our workbook fund also.

We are so fortunate to have such generous community people!


A fundraiser selling Sally Foster wrapping paper and Entertainment Books has just begun at Creslane.  This will last for the next two weeks.  The students have been instructed to only sell to family members and family friends.  They are not supposed to sell “door to door.”


Site Council:

Minutes are attached.