CHS Board Report

October 1, 2003



Thanks to Joel Higdon, an often malfunctioning pay phone in the corridor north of the Commons was replaced by a standard “free” wall-mounted phone.  The phone will be available for student use throughout the day and during the evening hours when the building is open to students.  Students will be able, for example, to call their parents when they return home from ball games.


The ASB is busy organizing our upcoming Homecoming.  Patti Scott, a former employee of CHS and a long-time Bulldog supporter, has volunteered her time to help the students, especially the sophomores, create a successful Homecoming.


Speaking of volunteers, Lonn Robertson has organized a corps of volunteers to help supervise the gymnasium during the noon hour so that students can play volleyball and basketball.  Lonn, his father Jack, and Shea Hartle have volunteered their time and energy to help CHS provide some recreational opportunities to students during their lunch recess.


Our fall sports program is off and running.  How about those DAWGS at 3-1!  Our cross country team is now ranked 7th in the state, and our volleyball teams are gaining experience and confidence.


1)      September 23 – We successful performed bus drills with the transportation department.

2)      October 9 – Last year’s annual delivered and distributed to students.

3)      October 10 – Teacher In-Service Day

4)      October 13 – CHS OPEN HOUSE – Please join us!

5)      October 18 – FAS Dinner/Auction Fundraiser @ Emerald Valley

6)      October 21 – PSAT Testing for Juniors

7)      October 22 – Cross Country District @ LCC hosted by CHS

8)      October 24 – Homecoming

9)      October 30 – ASVAB Testing for Juniors