Read At Home with Minutes


We are trying a different tact for our Read At Home program this year with the help of parents and teachers.  A team of parents has agreed to do everything for the Read At Home project.  All you have to do is remind students to participate and help keep your “RAH Folders” in an accessible spot in the room.


Prizes:  There are three ways to earn prizes.  There are individual prizes every two weeks.  There are several individual targets (i.e. 5,000 minutes or 25 points) whenever the student achieves them.  Then there are four school-wide goals as displayed in the cafeteria.


Reading Goals:

Two-week Individual Goals (they are the same every two weeks):

            Kindergartners = 70 minutes (5 minutes every day)

            First Grade       = 140 minutes (10 minutes every day)

            Second Grade   = 210 minutes (15 minutes every day)

            Third Grade      = 280 minutes (20 minutes every day)


Individual Target Goals:

Achieved whenever the students reaches the target:

            Kindergartners:             350 minutes (first one and then follow below)

            First, Second, & Third Grade:               500 minutes

                                                                        1,000 minutes

                                                                        5,000 minutes

10,000 minutes

School-wide Goals:

Both sets of goals must be met before we celebrate.

Wacky/Colored Hair Day         =          100,000 minutes and 1,000 points

Pajama Day                              =          500,000 minutes and 2,500 points

Famous Cars                            =          1,000,000 minutes and 7,500 points

Field Day                                 =          1,500,000 minutes and 17,500 points


Early Morning Reading Tickets:

Because Early Morning Reading Tickets have been found in backpacks, left on the bus, and in the hallways, the parents have requested that all Early Morning Reading Tickets get deposited in the library before the children leave for their classes.  The RAH team has made a poster with envelopes for each classroom.  When a child receives a ticket, they need to write their name on the ticket and put it in their teacher’s envelope.  These will be collected every two weeks.