Curriculum Update


We will improve student achievement on District Assessments.


        In order to meet the goal established by the Creswell School District of achieving student improvement as measured on assessments, the components of this goal were identified for tracking on a month-by-month basis.  They are comprised of:


1.  Content Committee activities.

        The Social Studies K-12 committee met on October 25 and again on November 1.  The committee has split into one group per building.  As such we are meeting a building teams on the 8th , 22nd, and 23rd.   We have some work to do with the scope of work in each area as well as making sure we are coordinated between the learner outcomes and assessments.  The groups are making good progress.  We meet after school hours as this seems to be the best arrangement for all involved, albeit we are a little more flexible when meeting by building.  In conjunction with our work, the ESD is sponsoring a couple of social studies-related projects and individual staff members from our committee are participating in those.


2.  Staff training or inservice

                Data gathering continues to be an emphasis.  This month I have asked all building administrators to make a physical check with each teacher and review their matrixes.  In this look-around we hope to catch any problems they might have aligning learner outcomes and the matrix as well as confirm that data is being collected.  In addition, the matrix continues to be a point of emphasis as I meet with staff at building level.


3.  Developing a District Gradebook

                We are considering a Pentamation alternative to “grade book” our assessment results.  Pentamation does not seem to work well for other districts which are utilizing it for traditional grade entries.  Some staff at Creswell use EasyGradePro.  A spreadsheet we displayed results for a board presentation was from EGP.  Anyway, the grade book phase is in more of a contemplative form at this time.


4.  Recognizing staff and students

        a.  Board presentations by staff and/or students

        b.  Incentives for curriculum sharing