The regular school board meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane County School District #40, Creswell, Oregon, was held Wednesday, October 9, 2002 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Creswell High School Library, 33390 Nieblock Lane, Creswell, Oregon, 97426, with Chair Dersham presiding.


                                                      Vicky Curry

                                                      Don Ehrich

                                                      Anne Freske

                                                      Jim Honer

                                                      Lonn Robertson

                                                      Kathy Thompson





ALSO PRESENT:                     Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent

                                                      Judy Hillman, Business Manager

                                                      Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education

                                                      Joel Higdon, District Technology Coordinator

                                                      Jacque Robertson, Creslane Principal

                                                      Shirley Burrus, CMS Interim Principal

                                                      Bob George, CHS Principal

                                                      Karen Narmore, CHS Vice-Principal

                                                      Marilyn Cruzan, Administrative Secretary



              01.              Action, establish a quorum

                            Chair Dersham announced there was a quorum.     


             02 .             Pledge of Allegiance



             03.              Visitors: 



04.           Action, approve agenda/add items

                Mrs. Freske moved to approve the agenda.  Mrs. Thompson seconded the                        motion.  Mr. Ehrich requested that the public charter school policy be added                    as a posted policy to agenda item 11.  THE MOTION TO APPROVE THE                 AGENDA WITH MODIFICATION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



Page 2 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 10-9-02


             05.             Action, approve the September 11,  2002  regular board meeting minutes.

                             Dr. Robertson moved to approve the September 11, 2002 minutes as                                             presented.  Mr. Ehrich seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED                                                 UNANIMOUSLY



             06.              Information, Trustees Reports

                           A.         Heery Construction Report

Russ Kaufman reported that the corridors in the far west end of                      Creslane  need some structural upgrading. That work will take place               this Friday and Saturday.  A sidewalk will be poured on Friday at                   Creswell High School between the south parking lot and the track to               provide ADA access to the stadium. We are still holding $267,000                 of the contractor’s money.  That number should be substantially                     lower by the end of October.  There is one $900 outstanding                           change item. There is approximately $400,000 left on the overall                   bond.  Mrs. Dersham asked what miscellaneous services are                           regarding the bond.  Mr. Kaufman stated that those services would                 include building permits, printing costs, custodial time charged to                  the bond etc.  He will send a breakdown of those costs to Dr.                          Stuber. 

                          B.           January 2003 Board Meeting Date

                                         Mrs. Dersham reported that a majority of the board responded that                                            they  prefer to have the meeting on January 15. January 15 is the                                               date the board will go with.


07.               Information, Supervisors Reports

A.                Student Presentation:  Community Center Mural

                Mrs. Adler gave a brief report on the Community Center Mural                  project. It was an ArtWorks project developed by YouthArts, a                        program of Lane Arts Council in partnership with Creswell School                District and the City of  Creswell.  The students, working with                       artist Jon Wright, created a 10’ x 34’ mural this  summer at the                       Creswell Community Center. The board presented certificates of                    appreciation to students Camilla Beavers, Raymond Garcia, Laurel                Gorton, Rene Rivier, Alicia Sells, Paloma Yellowhorse and                            Xochile Yellowhorse for their work on the project.

Mr. Higdon reported that he has been notified by the Oregon Department of Education that a grant application submitted by the technology department has been approved.  The grant amount is $66,769.  The grant was written to upgrade connectivity between the buildings that will allow students to have faster access to the internet.  It will be either a  fiber or wireless connection or a combination.  He will have a better idea  of the timeline by the November board meeting.



Page 3 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 10-9-02

Mrs. Dersham announced that another grant has been received by the district.  Dr. Adler advised that the grant is a $1.8 million grant that represents collaboration by 13 small school districts in Lane County.  The grant goals are to create safer school environments; to prevent or  reduce rates of substance abuse and violent behavior through school and family based intervention.  The district will get a child development specialist at Creslane.  It will be an ESD position hired through the ESD.  Ms. Robertson will be on the interview committee.  Dr.  Adler said she  hopes to get funds for alternative education at the high school. She will have more information on exact amounts after she attends a meeting on October 17. 

Mr. Ehrich stated that he had received concerns from the public regarding the flow of traffic at Creslane.  He is concerned about the counter flow in the middle driveway as a possible liability.  Ms. Robertson said that as a temporary solution a centerline would be painted down that area.  Mr. Ehrich suggested a meeting with Ms. Robertson and Dr. Stuber to discuss the issue. Mrs. Dersham suggested that it be a  discussion item at the November board meeting.


08.            Information, Student Representative Report

08.         Collin Lyons reported there would be a Homecoming Parade this year.  Atlas         Track informed the high school that driving cars on the track is permitted if          they don’t stay on the track for long. This will allow the classic cars to drive         on the track at halftime.  There will  be various activities during                            Homecoming Week 


09.            Information, Business Manager Report

09.         Mrs. Hillman gave the board additional enrollment information this month              that shows comparisons of grades as they move through the years.



11.            Action,  Adoption of Tabled EEAE (Transporting Students) and                     JFCF/GBNA-AR (Hazing…Harassment) Policies

11.         Mrs. Dersham stated that the policies will be discussed one at a time.  Dr.                     Robertson moved to accept policy EEAE Student Transportation in Private               Vehicles.  Mr. Ehrich seconded.  Mr. Ehrich requested a change in language           on number 4 to insert “not” between will and transport and delete “not” after           transport.  Mr. Honer requested that on number 6 “days” should be added               after 120.  THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY WITH                           CHANGES TO LANGUAGE.


11.           Dr. Robertson moved to accept policy JFCFGBNA-AR as revised.  Mrs.                  Thompson seconded. Dr. Robertson distributed changes to policy                            JFCJ/GBNA-AR  He explained that the only changes to the AR that the                 board had not seen previously are under the section Complaint Procedures.             The effort of the policy committee was aimed at the concept of the                            investigative team.  The language  “building principals and” was eliminated.            He also explained that in policy JFCF/GBNA Investigation Process the        

Page 4 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 10-9-02



                 intent of the double underlined changes in this particular part of the AR are                      to emphasize the investigative team approach when investigating incidents                       of  hazing and harassment.  The policy committee is recommending that Step                   5 be added.  It states that building administrators shall provide the board with                  an annual summary of violations of this policy.  The summary will be due                      December 31 of the following year.  The policy committee requested                               clarification from the board on language in Complaint Procedures.    The                        Policy Committee questioned  if it is the board’s intent for the policy                              committee to come to the board with a single recommendation on policies as                  opposed to bringing a choice when there is not a committee consensus on                       wording. The bulk of a policy would not be brought to the board without                         policy committee consensus.  An example is in the last line of paragraph one                  under Complaint Procedures “Investigators should be familiar with                                  Complaint Investigation:  The Basics” by Marta Larson, which is attached to                   this AR.  The committee and the administration all agreed to the value of this                   document.  The question presented is the word “should” being replaced by                     the word “will”.  The committee would like to have some direction from the                  board.  Dr. Curry suggested that if there is a question over policy language                      the committee recommendation to the board could provide more than one                      version of language and the board could decide on the language they prefer.                    Mrs. Dersham stated that if there is a situation like this the committee should                  bring it back to the full board for a decision.  Mrs. Dersham restated that the                  motion on the floor is to approve the policy with the language”should be                        familiar”.  Dr. Curry said that she would like the board to consider changing                  the language in the last sentence to  “investigators shall be familiar with                        appropriate complaint investigation procedures” and give Marta Larson’s                    article as an example.  Mr. Ehrich stated he was comfortable with the present                  wording.  Mr. Honer asked about the reference to an article in number six.                     Dr. Robertson advised that the article  provided a reference for the term                          relational aggression, which is a new term. Mr. Honer expressed his concern                   that the board would consider adopting a policy that would call giving others                   the silent treatment something that could be punishable by a policy.  Mr.                        Honer stated that without seeing the Crick & Grotpeter article he is cautious                   of approving the policy as a whole.   Mr. Ehrich said he had reservations as                    well.  Dr. Curry reported that over the last five years she has attended several                  conferences regarding school violence.  The Oregon Conference put on by                     the Oregon Department of Education and numerous other people                      concerned with school safety have made a big issue of relational aggression.                   It is closely related to bullying.  Teachers and counselors are being trained to                  recognize it.   Mr. Honer suggested that the board be given more information                 on relational aggression.  Dr. Robertson clarified that the board has already                   voted on this aspect of it and approved it.  Also, this specific phrase is not                      new and the administrators have discussed it. 






Page 5 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes -  10-9-02




                DR. CURRY – YES

                  MRS. DERSHAM – YES

                MR. EHRICH – YES

                 MRS. FRESKE – YES

                 MR. HONER – NO

                DR. ROBERTSON – YES

                 MRS. THOMPSON - YES


Dr. Curry clarified that in the future when there is not a consensus on policy language,  the policy committee may use the shaded boxes with a language choice. Mrs. Dersham acknowledged that this is correct.

Mr. Ehrich moved to post Public Charter School LBE and LBE-AR.  Dr. Robertson seconded. Mr. Ehrich explained that this is a policy considered by the policy committee some months back.  The form of  the policy is  prudent and therefore he requested that the policy be posted.  Dr. Curry asked why the policy should be posted because it is already obsolete.  Dr. Robertson thought  it was better to post it and have it available for discussion and feedback from the public and staff.  Mr. Ehrich stated that posting the policy serves notice to the public that the board is considering the policy.  Dr. Curry stated that committees have been formed at Strategic Planning that make the public aware.  It may be confusing to post this policy.  The board should wait until something is more clearly identified and then post a policy.  Mrs. Thompson stated that Public Charter Schools are different from the alternative education that the committees are working on.  Dr. Curry said that it was not presented in time for her to consider it and is not prepared to vote on the posting.  Mr. Ehrich said it had already been on the table at a previous meeting.  Dr. Curry also asked why Dr. Robertson had previously moved to table the policy.  Dr. Robertson explained that he moved to table the policy at that time because of the importance of some of the legal aspects of creating a Charter School and also having that information available to the public.   Nothing has changed since the policy was tabled.

Dr. Curry moved to table the item.  The motion did not receive a second.

Mrs. Freske asked for clarification on Charter Schools and other types of alternative education.  Dr. Stuber stated that they are separate entities and  one does not rely on the other.










Page 6 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 10-9-02



12.            Discussion, Family School Mediated Agreement

12.         Mrs. Dersham stated that the board had received two letters.  One from Ms.           Robertson and one from the Family School Members.


12.         Mrs. Freske moved that the board recognize and accept that there has been           no agreement in the Family School Mediation process on item #3 and this              lack of agreement is irrelevant because the Strategic Planning Alternative                     education Program Committee has already been formed to develop through                  consensus a like educational program for Creslane.  She also requested that                  Ms. Robertson’s letter and the Family School Coalition letter be added to the              motion as exhibits.  Dr. Robertson seconded.


12.             Mrs. Meyers stated that the Family School group is requesting closure from         the board.  Mrs. Dersham replied that Mrs. Freske’s motion is saying that             mediation has not reached an agreement.  The issue is being solved in                   Strategic Planning where it should be and it is working and is moving                          forward.  Item # 3 would be a mute subject at this point and Mrs Freske’s             motion is asking the board to move on. 


12.          Dr. Curry said that the question no one seems to agree on is the meaning of             irreconcilable differences.  For instance, would perhaps staff differences of            opinion prevent the program from happening?  Would that be an adequate              reason for not having a program?  Dr. Stuber stated that he thinks that any              irreconcilable differences  will become manifested during the deliberations             of the subcommittee.  If there are differences they need to be reconciled at              that point in time.   Dr. Curry said she is concerned that all sides are not                 represented on the committee.  Dr. Stuber advised that it is specifically                   written into the committee charge that there will be representation from both            sides of the issue.  If a particular side chooses  not to participate he would               like to be notified.  Dr. Stuber supports the motion because the Strategic                 Planning Committee is moving forward. 


Mrs. Meyers asked for clarification that the charge of the committee is to put together an alternative program.  Mrs. Dersham replied that this charge to the Strategic Planning committee is spelled out very clearly. 

Dr. Robertson restated that the charge to the committee is to bring a proposal to the board.










               13.               None

Page 7 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 10-9-02





14.                 Discussion, Board Athletic Passes

               Mrs. Dersham referred to a letter in the packet written by Pleasant                                              Hill ‘s School Board  to the Oregon Government Standards and Practices     

                  Commission regarding athletic passes. 


Mrs. Dersham suggested the issue should be referred to the policy  committee for further investigation.  Dr. Robertson reported that he had contacted the Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission for a copy of their opinion that talks about this issue.  Dr. Robertson stated that based on what he has heard and read he does not think it is necessary for it to go to the policy committee.  The question to the OGS&P was would it be a violation of OGS&P laws for school staff members, including board members, to obtain admission to school athletic functions free of charge when all other members of the public must pay.  Their opinion, yes.  It states the ORS relative to that opinion.  Dr. Robertson stated that this is not a board issue but a legal issue.  The Sky-Em League provides league passes for districts but does not designate who receives them.  It is up to the school to distribute them.  Dr. Stuber said that the coaches handbook  clearly states who gets Sky-Em passes and that includes board members.  Dr. Stuber said there are two different issues here.  One is the Sky-Em pass.  In addition there is a district pass given to district employees for home games.  Dr. Stuber advised the high school to look into the practice of staff passes.  He asked Mrs. Narmore to report back to the board in November with clarification from the Sky-Em League as to what they intend to do about passes. Mr. Ehrich suggested that the board could change the policy to provide passes and make it clear that they are usable only if an individual is rendering a service at the event.  Dr. Curry asked if there could be another way to provide the staff with passes.  Dr. Stuber said there are no guidelines as to why this practice was started.   Dr. Robertson didn’t see it as a policy issue, it is a law and there is not reason to write a policy about it.   Dr. Stuber clarified that any handbook is part of school board policy and  the coaches handbook clearly states that school board members will receive a Sky-Em pass.  This makes it a policy issue and it needs to be taken out of the coaches handbook.  The board directed the policy committee  to bring a recommendation to the November meeting.  Any board member with a Sky-Em Pass will turn them in. 


15.                Action,  Services Plan

Mrs. Dersham explained that the Services Plan for Students with Disabilities Parentally Placed in a Private School needs to be approved by the board each year.  This is the same plan the board approved last year.


Dr. Curry moved to adopt the Services Plan as presented.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



Page 8 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 10-9-02



16.                Action, Personnel Report

Mrs. Freske moved to approve the personnel report.  Mr. Ehrich seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


17.                Action, Strategic Planning Recommendations

The Strategic Planning Committee met on September 25 and adopted three recommendations.  The recommendations are to form three subcommittees. The subcommittees formed are for alternative education, communications and Creswell Middle School facilities.


Dr. Robertson moved to accept the Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations.  Mrs. Freske seconded.










Mrs. Dersham presented a Strategic Planning Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members document to the board.  The document reviewed the board’s role in the Strategic Planning process.


Items for November agenda

Budget Committee Member Vacancies

Traffic at Creslane

Camas swale Project

Athletic Passes

Mission Statement from Policy Committee


ADJOURNMENT:  The board meeting adjourned at  9:35 P.M.





Dr. Rick Stuber,  Superintendent




Connie Dersham, Chair