School Board Meeting Report

Creslane Elementary

November 13, 2002



Calendar:        Nov. 4 – CES Site Council:  New Library 3:45-5:00 p.m.

                        Nov. 6-8 – Parent Conferences

                        Nov. 8, 12, 13 – Book Faire  New Library  7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

                        Nov. 12– CPTO (Creswell Parent/Teacher Organization): Old Library


Nov.  15, 22, Dec. 15– Senior Project with First Grade

            Field Trips:  Food For America            

Nov. 19 – Anne Freske’s Book Club Breakfast 7:00 a.m.

Nov. 20 – 4th Grade field trip to the BLM office


Curriculum:  Test Results from last spring’s testing indicate some good news and bad news.  

   Third Grade:            75 out of 77 students took the test (one student was absent & the other didn’t take it because of disabilities)

 Reading:        Our school scored better than the state average in Literal Comprehension, Inferential Comprehension, Evaluative Comprehension, and in Total Reading and Literature.

                        Our school scored slightly worse (less than 3%) than the state average in Word Meaning, Locating Information, and Literary Elements and Devices (setting, plot, theme, characters, word choice, point of view, tone, language, etc.).

                        Our school scored significantly worse (8%) in Literary Forms (variety of novels, poems, plays, short stories, biographies, etc)

Math:  Our school scored slightly worse (less than 4%) than the state average in all of areas of math (calculation and estimation, measurement, statistics and probability, algebraic relationships, geometry.)   We did have 6% more of our students score in the “exceeds” the benchmark expectation than the state average in calculation and estimation.  So those who “got it” really “got it!”

Three Year Summary:  The average scores in all areas of reading are between 210 and 214 for all of the last three years.  Almost every year in every area of reading about 50% of our students exceed the state’s expectations in reading, and 80% meet or exceed those measures.

Last year’s math scores indicate that our students did not acquire the math skills they did the previous year, but did about the same as in 2000. However, more than 70% our third graders met or exceeded the state’s expectations (except in statistics and probability where 65% of our students met or exceeded.)







   Fifth Grade:  88 out of 97 fifth graders took the fifth grade test (Benchmark Two).  Six students challenged Benchmark One, one student was absent and two took modified tests due to disabilities.

            Reading:  Our fifth grade students scored better than the state average in all areas of the reading tests but did worse in the literary forms and literary elements subtests.  Their overall results are better than the state average in total reading and literature.  Over 80% of the fifth graders met or exceeded the state benchmarks in all of the reading tests except in “locating information” and in the literature section. 

            Math:  Creslane fifth graders equaled the state average in the total mathematics test.  They had higher scores in measurement, statistics and probability, and algebraic relationships.  The state did better by 5% in the areas of calculation and estimation and geometry.  About 70% of our students met or exceeded the state’s expectations in math.

            Writing:  95 of our 97 fifth graders took the writing test.  All of our students received scores higher than one (lowest score) and only one student received a score of six (highest/almost impossible) on some of the traits.  62-85% of our students received scores of 4 or 5, which are passing scores.  This is very close to the state’s average.  Our weakest areas are ideas and content, organization, sentence fluency, and conventions.  Our strengths are in voice and word choice (in layman’s language that means - we use colorful language in a personal way, but we don’t have anything to say J)

            Math Problem Solving:  We are a teeny bit lower than the state average in math problem solving.  Our strengths are in conceptual understanding (understanding the problem), communication (telling how we solved the problem), and processes and strategies (how we actually solved the problem.)  We were very weak in verification (checking our answer.)  38% of our students were not accurate at all, but 62% were very accurate.


School wide Discipline:  Comparing last year’s first and second months to this year’s first and second months for office referrals:

Sept.    2001-2002                                                      1.26 referrals per day

Sept.    2002-2003                                                      0.65 referrals per day


Oct.     2001-2002                                                       0.82 referrals per day

Oct.     2002-2003                                                       0.64 referrals per day


We have made significant gains this year with our discipline program.  Even the beginning of November shows that this decrease in behavior problems is continuing.  We are working diligently with the few students who are making more than one or two bad choices.  When fewer referrals are made to the office, there is more time to be proactive.  


Mighty Mustangs:  We are excited about this year’s Mighty Mustang program.  Please see the attached sheet for the details of our new program.


Lunch Program:  This year Creslane’s lunch program includes a vegetable and fruit bar.  This has been a wonderful change!   There are always fresh, raw veggies and some fresh and canned fruit.  The students may go back for seconds on any of those items.  The children have taken good advantage of this addition.

Vandalism Report:  Still no vandalism.  We made it through Halloween successfully.  Keep up the positive thoughts!


Recognitions: Dean Karcher’s students are going to the BLM office this month to see their art on display.  Dean invited BLM to come to his class to teach about forest management.  This presentation included history of logging, discussions about the different kinds of logging practices, what is happening currently to make our wonderful Oregon forests healthy and safe, and an art lesson related to the presentation.  Dean’s class will present their art and what they learned later this year.

            Beverly Ball has been working on her senior project.  This project is called Food For America.  She has worked with our first graders for two years.  Her Creslane supervisor is Sherry Loennig who has given hours of her time to help Beverly implement this project.  Beverly teaches an aspect of agriculture in the classroom, and then the first graders take a field trip to a local business that is related to the lesson.  Mrs. Loennig is very impressed with the composure and maturity of Miss Ball.  She works well with the children providing humor in well-constructed lessons.  What a team!


Enrollment:  528 students   We had several families move out of town since the beginning of the year.

(519 students this time last year)






Mighty Mustang Citizenship Program for Creslane



Each grade level will develop monthly goals that correlate with the following general school-wide behaviors.



                   November – December    Safety

                   January – March              Self-Manager

                   April – June                    Considerate


Each classroom will give cards (copied in production room) to students who are displaying the appropriate behavior in class.  The student will write his/her name on the card and put it in a receptacle in the room.  Every week the teacher will draw a name from the receptacle.  That student will receive a small prize (provided by the office.)  All cards will be left in the receptacle.  At the end of the month the receptacle will be collected and the students with the most cards from each room will be given a bigger prize during an assembly.  The Creswell Chronicle will photograph those students as the Students of the Month.  Ms. Robertson will be available at the invitation of the classroom teacher to acknowledge any student(s) who is (are) putting forth extreme effort.


M&M cards (the blue cards used last year) will be given to students in the hallway, lunchroom, and/or playground, for displaying the school-wide behavior during “intense” times (before holidays and directly after big vacations as a reminder.)