MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”



to:                  Creswell Board of Directors and superintendent price

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:          November board report

date:              11/13/2009



·         Attached to this report is a copy of our “21St Century Technology Rich Learning and Teaching” competitive grant application.  This document was derived from the collaborative efforts of nine staff members from our administrative and teaching ranks.  With this grant our district is seeking $275,000 over a two year period.   The application speaks for itself.  Upon your review, please pay close attention to the abstract and goals sections of the grant.  These areas highlight our vision and objectives for the grant.  On December 4 grant awards will the announced.   


As an informational piece - Ninety-eight school districts in Oregon were eligible to apply for this federally funded grant.  Seven districts were eligible in Lane County.  In the end only two districts for Lane County completed the process of applying; Siuslaw and Creswell.  In the coming days we may learn how many across the state applied.  We do know that 20 slots were available across Oregon and that Oregon Department of Education was committed to having awardees be representative across the state.  


·         Our district’s Technology Committee formally reconvened this last month.  As called out for in our district’s Technology Plan; the Technology Committee will provide input that will help guide and advise our district’s technology initiatives.  This committee has an open membership where staff and community members will be welcome to attend and participate.  We already have a solid group of core members. 


The committee’s established four focus areas:


1.      Technology integration into our Curriculum as well as “Technology” Curriculum

o   Through this focus area we will be identifying our needs and the development for

·         Furthering student achievement through integrating technology into day-to-day teaching and learning

·         “Technology” Curriculum e.g. HTML/web design classes, multimedia/video production

·         Professional development for staff as well as best tools and methods

·         Our technology components in the district e.g. Smart Boards, Projectors, software, etc.

2.      Reviewing our Technology Plan

3.      Reviewing our ways and means of current day-to-day technology practices

4.      Appling for the “21St Century Technology Rich Learning and Teaching” - Ed Tech Grant  


By building on the biggest consensus, we can achieve only the best outcomes for our district’s technology initiatives.


Thank you.