Creswell School District

Resolution 0809-5


Change Payroll Payday



WHEREAS, employers must establish and maintain regular paydays, and


WHEREAS, paydays may not be more than 35 days apart ORS 652.120(1)(2), and


WHEREAS, payroll in the Creswell School District has paid on the last Friday of the month for years with the exception of payday prior to Thanksgiving and winter break, which has been the Friday before break, and


WHEREAS, under the current Creswell School District payroll cycle, winter break time between paydays can be six weeks, and


WHEREAS, the Creswell School District has maintained regular paydays, it has not been less than 35 days apart between November and January and has not been in compliance with the statute, and


WHEREAS, should the Creswell School District set a specific payday date, if the date falls on a weekend then the payday will be the preceding Friday. 



THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors for Creswell School District #40 hereby sets the 20th of each month as payday effective January 2009. 




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Ken Leatherman, Board Chair                          Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent



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