Creswell Middle School Board Report

May 4, 2005


Enrollment –           Males              Females          Totals

6th        26                    53                    79

                     7th        39                    53                    92

                     8th        52                    50                    102                  (273)


5th Grade Move-up Day  - was held on April 21st.  The students toured the middle school, watched our GROWL video, learned about the curriculum and had time to ask questions.  We prepared a packet for each one of them – a copy is attached.


Community Forum – Our staff and students put together several display boards, two power point presentations and had our GROWL DVD playing.  We want the community to know about the great things that happen at our school.


7th Grade – Check out the weekly newsletters that the 7th grade staff sends home – attached 


8th Grade – team has been planning and preparing for the end of the year.  They will take a field trip to Central Oregon on June 9th.  Promotion is scheduled for Monday, June 13th.    This group of 8th graders visited the high school on April 21st. They all seem excited about their future at CHS.


State Assessments Updates –

         7th Grade Reading –  33% exceeds, 30% meets, 15% nearly meets and 17% does not meet.

         6th Grade Math –  7% exceeds, 46% meets, 16% nearly meets and 29% does not meet.

         6th Grade Reading – 20% exceed, 59% meets, 6% nearly meets and 15% does not meet.


The Spring Band and Choir Concert – will be held Tomorrow, May 5th  - 7:00 p.m. at CHS.  Our Choir will travel to Cottage Grove on the 17th to hear OSU’s Choir perform.


First Annual CMS Star Party – will be held at CMS on May 6th starting at 8:30 p.m.


Academic Team – will travel to Pleasant Hill on Tuesday, May 10th for another Brain Bowl competition. Mr. Mercer and the Academic team presented for two sessions at the Leadership Conference this past weekend.  We are in the process of filling out an application so that they will be able to present at the OSBA Convention in November.


Spelling Bee – Michelle Boyce is the CMS winner.


The Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year Award – went to Mr. Mercer!!! He is a great representative of the teachers in the Creswell School District.


Leadership – The CMS Student Leadership Team attended the State Leadership Conference (OASC) on Sunday and Monday.  The CMS Student Council was awarded a plaque for reaching the level of Honor Council.  New Student Body Officers were elected April 22nd  - President - Chris Kounousky, Vice President -  Carlos Garcia, Secretary/Treasurer – Angela Hurlburt,  Publicist – Trevor Delaplain, 7th Grade Executive Reps – Katherine Leatherman and Conner O’Leary.


CMS GROWL Accomplishments – for the 2004 – 2005 school year included.


The CSR Final Presentation – is scheduled for May 25th in Salem.


Nutrition Information Update – Pop has been removed from our student vending machines.  Water, Propel, juice, Sobe and 1 flavor of Gatorade are available.  The amount of condiments is now controlled at lunchtime.  Next year all students and staff will receive free breakfast and an afternoon snack. 


Scope and Sequence / Learner Outcomes  - have all been turned in for the first 3 grading periods.


Spring Sports – The District Track and Field Meet will be held this Saturday at Lincoln Middle School in Cottage Grove. We have 6 new school records!  Gavin O’Dell  - 8th  800, Kyle Kuhnhausen – 8th mini-javelin, Rachel Sells – 6th mini-javelin, Shelby Spence – 7th mini-javelin, Brianna Schmidt – 6th 100 M, Amanda Olsen – 6th  400 M.


Students of the Month - 

                        April                6th        Chris Alford                Yesenia Malonado                 

                                                7th        Alex Wheeler              Sarah Ferriera

                                                8th        Nick Ehrich                 Jessica Hillis