Creswell Middle School Board Report

May 5, 2004


Enrollment – 298 Students

                                        6th Boys   40        Girls    57

                                        7th Boys   51        Girls    51

                                        8th Boys   48        Girls    52


Newsletter attached


CMS Proposed Budget is also attached


6th Grade – will participate in Forest Field Day on May 11th.


7th Grade – is participating in service learning projects this week.  Some of the projects are painting the dugouts, producing a service learning video, a fundraising car wash, gardening, fixing the baseball field, helping out at the Care Center, park clean up and fixing up Buford Park.


8th Grade – Just finished their Science Inquire Work Samples.


Elective Classes – Three of our elective classes will be attending a Shakespearean Play, Much ado about Nothing on May 19th at the U of O.  Our 7th and 8th grade PE students will have the opportunity to go bowling, a skill that they have been practicing in class. 


SDRT – all middle school students completed these tests on Thursday, April 29th.


National Back to School Day – Was celebrated on April 28th.  Students invited adults (95 visitors) to come to school for the morning.  We had a reception in the library, a band concert and interesting class lessons.    We also had the Bev Taylor Library Dedication. This was in honor of her 29 years of dedication and service to the students, staff and community of Creswell Middle School.  Bev’s family, high school friends, and co-workers filled the library for this special event.  Scott Woodland, a CMS Site Council Member created the beautiful display case.  The display contains 4 different parts – the main showcase has a photo and memorabilia from Bev, the top shelf is for trophies, on both sides of the main showcase are areas to put current sport photos and the bottom shelve is for all of the new library books.  Please stop by and take a look at the display.


Staff In-service – On May 17th CMS Staff members will attend one of two half-day in-services in our library on Questioning Strategies presented by Dr. Tanner.  The substitutes will be paid for with CSR Grant dollars.


CSR Grant – (Comprehensive School Reform) The team met with Grace LeBlanc, our outside consultant on April 19th and 20th to prepare our spring presentation that will be delivered on May 25th at the ODE office.  We were also able to apply for an additional $15,000.00 grant.  That proposal was sent in yesterday.


EBS Team – met at the ESD on Tuesday, April 27, 2004 to plan boosters for the remainder of the year.  Boosters target positive behaviors.  The behaviors that we concentrate on are determined by reviewing SWIS data. A few of the targeted behaviors for the remainder of the year are; campus clean-up, appropriate language, appropriate dress for school, and positive role models. 


Skills for Success Program – will be implemented next year with dollars from the Safe Schools, Healthy Student Grant.  Our teachers will begin nominating students who are at-risk for school failure or for emotional and behavior problems at the next staff meeting.


Athletics  - The District Track and Field meet will be held on Friday, May 14th at Siuslaw.