Creslane Board Report

May 12, 2004


Calendar:   May 7:    Kindergarten Mothers’ Tea

May 15:  Morris Gant’s Retirement Party

                   May 21:  U of O Athletes to celebrate Read At Home

                   May 26:  First Tech Grant Meeting with Staff

                   June 7:    5th Grade End of the Year Celebration (field trip to

the new I5 bridge and Splash)

                   June 7:    CES Site Council

                   June 8:    Last Student Day



Read At Home:  We have had Art Day and Bubble Gum Day to celebrate the last two months of Read At Home.  It has been fun.  The students are working toward a t-shirt signing party with U. or O. athletes on May 21th.


Scholastic “Two for One” Book Faire:  This Book Faire doesn’t raise money for Creslane but we were able to increase the library’s collection of books from the $3157 allotment.  Isn’t it incredible how much money this little community has put out for the students of Creswell?


YoYo Assembly “School Is Cool:”  Yoyos Around The World” did a presentation using yoyos as the focal point but the message was “School is important.  Take it seriously.”  We sold 286 yoyos.


Parent Conferences:  We had another great turn out for our Spring Conferences. 97% of the students had parents come to the building.  Another 1% had phone conferences.  And another 1% came at another time.  So in total 99% of our parents heard how their children were doing, what needed work, and what subjects are being successfully attained.


CES Choir singing for Kiwanis at Community Center:  Mrs. Keira Brown and the CES choir sang for the Kiwanis on April 24th.  Kiwanis then, gave the choir bagels and juice for breakfast on Tuesday, May 4th at choir practice.  Thank you Kiwanis.  The next CES choir concert was at The Hult Center for the annual Music Festival.  Parent volunteers were very impressed with our students and with Mrs. Brown’s skills as a teacher and a model for other professionals.  Thank you Creslane students and Mrs. Brown!

National Teacher’s Day:  Wednesday, May 5th was Teacher Appreciation Day.  We do appreciate the incredibly staff at Creslane.  They go out of their way to nurture and respond to students.  Two examples of this spectacular outreach is June Colley and Stephanie Curtis.  June had a student who had to spend a large amount of time in another facility.  During his absence, her students wrote cards and notes to keep him in touch with his classmates.  She gave him special assignments to do so when he returned he would be up with the rest of the class.  They even saved all of his Valentine treats so he wouldn’t feel left out of the party. Stephanie Curtis had a student who’s adopted mother died, sister moved out of the house, twins moved in and she and her dad moved to a different city.  That’s a lot of loss and change in a little second grader’s life.  Stephanie had her students write letters and sent them to the little girl throughout the year to let her know that she was not forgotten, that we still loved her and thought about her often.  Thank you June and Stephanie for caring so much!  You make a difference in the lives of children every day.


Emergency Response Team Training Workshop:  Six of our eight-member team went to Lane ESD to attend a training on Emergency Responseon Thursday, May 6th.   This team will develop a plan, train the rest of the district, and help procure necessary emergency items to insure the students of Creswell School District will be safe in an extreme (or even “not so extreme”) crisis.


Discipline:  I wish there was good news to report, but unfortunately it isn’t as good as I’d like.  April, our office referrals increased to an average of 1.05 per day.  That’s worse than March’s referrals, but it’s an improvement over last year’s, which was 1.47 average referrals per day.          


Lunch Program: 

Third graders have lost their privilege to eat in the cafeteria.  They will be having silent lunches in the rooms, until they can pass the cafeteria rules test and demonstrate the ability to follow the rules appropriately.  I have attached the letter sent home explaining the situation.


Site Council:  Site Council minutes are attached.




Creslane Site Council Minutes



CES Library


Members Present:  Ginny Albright, Bobbi Magathan, Amy Sierzega, Sherry Loennig, Lauri Williams, and Jacque Robertson


1)  Staffing for next year:       2.5 Kindergarten

                                                4 First Grade

                                                4 Second Grade

                                                4 Third Grade

                                                4 Fourth Grade

                                                3 Fifth Grade

                                                1 Music

This is the current status (and will be when/if the budget is passed by the Budget Board and Board approves personal requests).  It includes one staff person financed through the Title IV funds (class size reduction grant).  At this time, there are no funds for the reading aides.  There are two kindergarten aides.  The team hopes that a PE teacher will be funded soon.  They are also concerned with the 29 students per classroom at fifth grade.  This particular grade has had large classrooms since third grade (during the most arduous academic time in elementary school).  They are pleased, however that we have a remedy for the large student population at the lower grades and the special needs of next year’s fourth graders.


2)  Oregon Symphony Community Music Partnership Grant:  This is a $212,000 grant to help educate K-12th graders in symphony musician skills and music.  It has to be a community partnership, involving the schools.  The last award went to Redmond.  This year they are seeking a community with 30,000 or less population and located west of the Cascades.  We need to find community members interested in doing this before we can apply.  There was general agreement that this would be a great addition to our educational offerings for the youth of Creswell.  We will advertise for interested leaders.


3)  HeadStart Playground:  The Site Council members went outside and viewed the intended area for playground construction.  We all agreed that it is appropriate, a positive addition to our community, and not a hindrance to Creslane activities.  We approve this use of Creslane’s grounds.  The HeadStart children currently have to walk through the fourth grade hallway to get to the Kindergarten playground.  It is a long walk and exceeds acceptable national standards.  It is also disruptive to the fourth grade classrooms.  HeadStart’s new playground will be a plus for everybody.




                                                                                                May 7, 2004



Dear Parents,


I am sorry to inform you that all third graders had a silent lunch today in their rooms. 


We have from the beginning of this year, tried every imaginable positive procedure to maintain a lunchtime that was enjoyable, but safe and under control.  We have given numerous individual prizes and incentives.  We have had celebratory BINGO parties, group prizes and other rewards.  We have used a sensory light signal to indicate appropriate noise level, so the adults on duty did not have to yell, scream or penalize inappropriately.  We have offered movies.  The adults in the cafeteria have tried to use positive, proactive responses to students to encourage positive, safe behavior.  The students (not all of them, but an alarmingly huge number) have gotten louder, more unruly, and unsafe.  When individually reprimanded, they have talked back, are insubordinate, and disrespectful to their classmates and adults.  They do not respond appropriately to a small bell rung to get their attention for announcements, dismissal, and emergency notification.  This is extremely unsafe and unacceptable! The negative behavior of the majority of the students has escalated to the point where we are enforcing an extreme behavior control method. 


Friday, everyone silently ate in their rooms, taking their first opportunity to pass a behaviors test (the rules for the cafeteria were sent home earlier this year).  Next week, any child who has passed the “cafeteria behaviors test” and proven to his/her teacher that she/he is capable of displaying these expected, positive behaviors may return to the cafeteria where they may visit and have an enjoyable and safe lunch period.  Until then, they will remain in their classroom in silence under teacher supervision.  If the child is able to maintain appropriate behaviors in the cafeteria, she/he may remain, visit and enjoy the rewards of being a self-manager.  If the student makes it back to the cafeteria, but begins to display inappropriate choices, the student will be returned to the classroom immediately until she/he can again demonstrate understanding and ability to follow the rules.  The return to the cafeteria will be supported twice.  After the third major offense, the student will be expelled from the lunchroom and will eat in the room, unless a parent supervises the student in the cafeteria. 


It is not our choice that this strict adherence to the rules be put into effect.  But the safety of our students is our first priority, along with maintaining a positive learning environment being a close second.  Right now, these two very important goals of our school are in jeopardy. 


We know the majority of the students will appreciate and enjoy a return to a positive lunchroom.  Thank you for your support and understanding.  If you have ideas that can help us, please feel free to call. 





Jacque Robertson