School Board Meeting Report

Creslane Elementary

March 12, 2003



Calendar:            March 7-12 – Spring Book Faire

                        March 17-20 – State Testing for third and fifth graders

                        March 24-28 – Spring Vacation

                        April 7-9 – Parent Conferences


Curriculum:  We have about $1,000 dollars from fund-raisers, grants, and charity functions to purchase science and/or math materials.


School wide Discipline:  We had a horrific month in February.  We are certain many factors played into this “break down” in our discipline program:  financial insecurities at home and in the state, the possibility of war, and illness.  The average referrals per month before February, was 14.  In February alone we had 32 referrals.  Per day this equals 1.68 referrals in February compared to .79 for the rest of the year.  Bad month! 

            We started a resurgence of our Mighty Mustang slips, more frequent rewards and more attention to all the wonderful choices most of the students do make.  This helps the students try harder and keeps the adults focused on the positive, which helps everyone feel better.

            We are also discussing the possibility of a school-wide focus on bullying and what we can do to prevent this from happening at Creslane.  Nicole Kerins, a second grade teacher, found some videos that are great teaching aides.  We are looking at different classes role-playing situations taken from these videos to present to the rest of the student body.  We’ll let you know next month how this works.



Attendance:  February was a difficult month for illnesses.  The average absentee rate from the beginning of the year through January was only 5%, but in February it raised to 9%.  If the office activity was any indication of the cause…it was the flu! UGH!



Read At Home:  February 28 was our Read At Home celebration.  Two Hundred and fifty-five students reached the reading goal for January and three hundred students reached the February goal.  The January goal equaled a Monster Cookie, and the students earned a free recess for the February goal.



Tragic Response Team:  Our new Creslane Tragic Response Team is comprised of Eileen Smith (secretary), Steve Eastburn (day custodian), Amber-Dawn Krupicka (counselor), Jacque Robertson (principal), Mary Lou Christiansen, Dean Karcher and Lauri Thomas (all teachers).



Enrollment:  525 students.  We had 6 students leave and 8 enter during the month of February.  The first week of March we lost 4 more students and replaced 3 of them.   The third grade is the only grade so far unaffected by mobility.

            Kindergarten = 79

            First = 94

            Second = 79

            Third = 92

            Fourth = 83

            Fifth = 96

We had 523 students last year at this time


Read Across America/Dr. Suess Day/Dewey Decimal Collaboration Read-a-thon:


There were many activities throughout Creslane Elementary celebrating reading last Monday.  March 3 was nationally Read Across America and also the celebratory day for Dr. Suess’ birthday.  We also collaborated with Creswell City Library’s Dewey Decimal Day Celebration by holding a Read-a-Thon throughout our school.


Dr. Stuber and Dr. Adler were two of our guest readers.  Seventeen other volunteers assisted the classroom teachers by monitoring reading activities and collecting Read-a-Thon pledges.  Special thanks go to Sharon Walden and her marvelous SMART volunteers who gave up another day in their week to help Creslane students read! (SMART occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays – this was on Monday.)  SMART volunteers were Cindi Norris, Vicky Bowers, Diane Biehler, Karen Brust, Julie Bender, Betty Beckner, Linda Williams, Kris Schamber, Sharon Walden, Sue Bowers, Joyce Miller, Hugh Turnbull, Serena Miller, Kelley Daniels, Barbara Sears, Gordonna Knox and Sue Bowers.  Some of them came dressed-up as favorite book characters.


For the Read-a-Thon, the students collected $3 pledges for 30 minutes of reading that will be divided equally between Creswell City Library and Creslane Elementary School.  As of Thursday morning, the pledges totaled $473.


Thank you to all who contributed!




Site Council Minutes:

March 4, 2002


Site Council Members:  Tammi Wilson, Cindy Harrold, Kim Meyers, Laura Wilson, Dianna McMahon, Rob Cooper, Amy Sierega, Bobbie Magathan, Marie Nickelson, Dean Karcher, Sherry Loennig, Sherry McKee, Lauri Thomas, Betsy Priddle, and Sandy Scaife.  Shirley Burrus was visiting from CMS.  (italicized and bold names were present)


1)       Uniform survey:  Discussion was held about the survey that will go out with students on Thursday for parent opinions.  We will also have a short “blurb” in The Chronicle telling community people if they want to express an opinion, they can pick up a survey form from our office. 

There was discussion between those of us against and for a

uniform dress code.  Some objection was based on internet research and referred to lawsuits following the implementation of uniforms.  There was some disagreement about the needs for such a drastic move when analyzing evidence of gang behavior in Creswell.

            Most everyone agreed that a modified dress code that aligns more accurately with CMS and CHS should happen at Creslane no matter what the survey results show.  There is wide spread concern about mostly “girl apparel” being worn at school (platform shoes, mid-rifts, spaghetti straps, etc.) and many logos on t-shirts on both genders.  The survey reflects this as happening next year. (a survey is included with this report)


2)       Grade Placement Survey:  This survey is also going out with the students on Thursday, on the backside of a map showing the new Creslane  (the survey is attached with this report).


3)       All surveys are to be returned to Creslane office by March 12.


4)       We also discussed the difficulties with filters that block children from accessing inappropriate sites.  Parents are encouraged to check each site before allowing a child to open it.  We shared experiences with “mouse traps.”


The next meeting will be on April 1st at 3:45 in the Creslane library.