The regular school board meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane County School District #40, Creswell, Oregon, was held Wednesday, February 12, 2003 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Creswell High School Library, 33390 Nieblock Lane, Creswell, Oregon, 97426, with Vice Chair Ehrich presiding.



                                                            Vicky Curry

                                                            Anne Freske

                                                            Jim Honer

                                                            Lonn Robertson

                                                            Kathy Thompson



                                                            Connie Dersham



ALSO PRESENT:                            Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent

                                                            Judy Hillman, Business Manager

                                                            Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education

                                                            Jacque Robertson, Creslane Principal

                                                            Shirley Burrus, CMS Interim Principal

                                                            Marilyn Cruzan, Administrative Secretary

                                                            Wendy Locke, The Chronicle



               01.          Action, establish a quorum

Vice-Chair Ehrich announced there was a quorum.      


02.           Pledge of Allegiance



03.           Visitors: 



04.           Action, approve agenda/add items

Dr. Robertson moved to approve the agenda.  Mrs. Freske seconded.  Dr. Curry asked if there was going to be a discussion about lottery funds.  Mr. Ehrich stated that it would be appropriate to ask Mrs. Hillman during her report.    Mr. Ehrich amended the motion to add the proposed agreement that is before the bargaining unit as an action item to unfinished business item 11. Dr. Curry seconded.  The board added the action item to the agenda by consensus.  THE MOTION TO APPROVE THE AGENDA CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.






Page 2 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03




05.           Action, approve the January 15, 2003 Regular Board Meeting  

Dr. Robertson moved to approve the January 15, 2003 regular board meeting minutes.  Dr. Curry seconded. THE MOTION CARRIED FIVE TO ONE WITH DR. CURRY ABSTAINING.   Dr. Curry explained that she had not attended the January 15 meeting and could not vote on the accuracy of the minutes.



06.          Information, Trustees Reports

A.     Creslane Traffic Report – Mr. Ehrich

Mr. Ehrich had nothing to report at this time.


07.          Information, Supervisors Reports

A.   No Child Left Behind Legislation – Dr. Adler

This report was deferred to the March board meeting.


B.     Northwest Accreditation Award

The representative was not in attendance to present the award.  Dr. Stuber explained that this is the fiftieth year that Creswell High School has been accredited by Northwest Accreditation.  The high school has been awarded a plaque for continues accreditation.  Hayden Homes was selected by the University of  Oregon College of Education for the award that they were nominated by Dr. Ellen Adler for.   Beverly Ball was selected for the student award.


Mrs. Burrus reported that Accelerated Reader is up and running.  Students are very excited about it.  As of last week, 150 students had passed the test at 85% or higher.  The middle school achieved a strong rating on the state report card.


Ms. Robertson reported that a parent meeting was held at Creslane this week to discuss the district’s financial situation.  There were about 40 parents in attendance.  The parents were very supportive of the bargaining units’ proposal.  Dr. Robertson noted that in reading the discipline report from Creslane he sees a definite improvement.


Dr. Adler reported that she had met with Mr. George, Mrs. Narmore, Mrs. Zacharias and Ms. Coop regarding alternative education at CHS.  The plan is to begin the program on April 1.  The budget and education plan have been submitted to the ESD.  Mr. Ehrich asked to be notified of the alternative education committee meetings.  Mrs. Thompson suggested that since it is a sub committee of the Strategic Planning Committee, community members should be invited to attend and meetings should be held at times when everyone is able to attend.   Mrs. Freske asked if this information would come to the board at its March meeting.  Dr. Adler said that is the committee’s plan. 


Page 3 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03



08.          Information, Student Representative Report

Zach Robertson, Student Body Vice-President, reported that the Student Council is discussing prom plans.  Mr. Bulldog contestants will be introduced at a dessert to be held April 2 at 7:00 P.M.  The Mr. Bulldog pageant will be held April 16 at 7:00 P.M. at Creswell High School.   Work continues on updating the school constitution.


09.           Information, Business Manager Report

Mrs. Hillman presented the board with information the bargaining units looked at and considered when they made the decision to take a pay cut.  The representatives agreed they wanted to make  pay adjustments to prevent personnel cuts.  They also agreed that individuals who had already taken cuts would receive credit when the percentage cuts were calculated.  Non-personnel cuts previously calculated and expenditures that could be moved to the bond left a balance of $220,000 needed to reach the goal of a $472,513 reduction.  The bargaining groups agreed to take a 9% cut in pay between February 6 and the end of the school year, offset by 8 days cut from the school calendar.  The agreement is dependent on approval of the bargaining associations and the school board.  The administrative and confidential staff have already agreed.   Dr. Curry asked if  $67,000 would then become available in the general fund.  Mrs. Hillman said when the earmarked expenditures were moved to the Lottery Fund, it would.   Dr. Robertson asked if it was necessary for the board to take specific action to allow the lottery funds to be used.  Mrs. Hillman stated that it is her understanding that this is a fund the board has expressed  they want to have control over and know where it is spent.  She didn’t think a motion was necessary only agreement that this is what the board is willing to do.  Dr. Curry asked what the balance would be when these funds are taken out of the lottery fund.  Mrs. Hillman stated that the balance would be approximately $234,000.  Dr. Curry said she thought the fund would have been depleted after furnishing Creslane.  Mrs. Hillman said the state gives the district money for furnishings in a facilities grant.  Last year we received $165,000 for the high school.  Tomorrow she will be taking the facilities grant application in for Creslane.  She does not know how much the grant will be. It depends on who has bonds and who makes application.  Mr. Ehrich asked for the board’s input on how to spend the lottery funds during the coming year.  Mrs. Hillman said it could be used for maintenance projects. There are some small maintenance projects that have been held up due to the freeze.  Mrs. Hillman stated that most of them are things she thought should be taken care of.  They could be paid out of the general fund or taken out of the lottery dollars. Dr. Robertson stated that Dr. Stuber had contacted Phil Barnhart to see if he would sponsor legislation to free up some of the discretionary part of the spending so school districts could use it in the classrooms.  Mrs. Hillman said if the board agrees to use the $67,000 that is proposed now, the district would be using about a quarter to a third of the money this year.   Mr. Ehrich asked Dr. Stuber if the board should determine the allocation of those funds.  Dr. Stuber requested that the board give the district an opportunity to come back with an idea at the March board meeting.  

Page 4 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03


Dr. Curry suggested that the Finance Committee, with input from an assortment of people including administration, board members and the community, be asked to bring a strategy to the board on how to utilize the lottery funds in the future.  Dr. Stuber said the Finance Committee wouldn’t need that charge to look into the use of lottery funds.  Mrs. Freske stated that the Finance Committee has had the freedom to look at anything they choose. There was direction from the Strategic Planning Committee to start a five-year plan that got waylaid in September due to the budget problems.  Her concerns are that there are a number of things the $67,000 can be spent on and also Dr. Stuber and Mrs. Hillman are beginning the budget process that will involve the buildings and the budget committee.  She didn’t see that involving the Finance Committee was appropriate.   Mr. Ehrich suggested that this matter be tabled to next month.   Dr. Stuber said that it is critical that everyone understands the plan is to spend the $67,000 from lottery bonds just to manage what we have put in place now with the tentative agreement, as beyond that there are some additional expenses it could be used for. Mr. Ehrich suggested that since Dr. Stuber and Mrs. Hillman have the delegated authority to make these allocations currently that the board give consensus for them to go ahead and do that with the $67,000.  There was board consensus.  Mrs. Freske asked to clarify the 2002-2003 and the preliminary estimate for 2003-2004, which appears to be down $147,000 from last year based on the January estimate.  Mrs. Hillman said that includes the $472,000.  She was advised by the state that the $472,000 is in there.  If we decide to accrue it into this year then we need to deduct it from the total.  Mrs. Freske asked if the CMS gym floor is listed on the recommended maintenance projects.   Mr. Lydum reported that it is.  He stated that the floor is not in good shape and this is an alternative to replacing the floor at this time.  Board consensus was to support the proposal to expend the $67,000.


               10.          Information, Superintendent Report  

A.    Burrus Letter

Dr. Stuber had nothing to add to his report.   Mr. Ehrich informed the audience that Dr. Stuber’s tentative plan was to advertise for a permanent   principal at the middle school during this month.  Dr. Stuber has indicated to the board that he does not intend to do that at this time. 


Mr. Ehrich moved to take a five-minute recess.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



11.          Action, Proposed Bargaining Units Proposal

Dr. Stuber reported that he had contacted the various bargaining units as directed by the board to see if they were willing to reopen their collective bargaining agreements.  A meeting was held on February 6 with representatives from the five groups. The bargaining units represented were certified, classified, administrative, confidential and the superintendent.   All groups indicated that they were willing to reopen their bargaining agreements.    Considerations were discussed and understood before the

Page 5 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03


representatives went to their bargaining groups with the request.  The business manager clarified the numbers that needed to be cut.  A meeting was scheduled for the following Monday.  Representatives tentatively agreed to request from the memberships a  9% across the board reduction in the remaining salary amount for this year.  Reductions would eliminate eight days from 2002-2003 calendar.  Dates for the reduction days were discussed.  If a decision is made before a given date in February then the deductions could be taken out starting with February payroll through the June payroll.  He received information from the classified group that they took a vote and were in favor of the 9% and the number of days.  The certified staff, if they decide as a local chapter to change anything, has to get the approval of the Lane Unified Bargaining Council. The LUBC will be meeting on February 19.  Dr. Stuber received a draft memorandum of understanding from LUBC with the language they would like to see in the memorandum.  This is negotiable and nothing has been agreed to.  He has not heard officially from the administrators and he knew ahead of time that the confidential staff approved it because they were going to voluntarily do it anyway.  The superintendent has also agreed to the 9%.  The district is now waiting on any language or memorandum that may come from the certified and classified groups and something that would have to be ratified by the board.  On February 6, Dr. Stuber reported that he handed out almost 30 layoff notices that take effect on February 24 for some and March 10 for others.  Dr. Stuber stated that he would like the board to take action tonight to approve within the parameters of the 9% across the board pay cut offset with eight days off of school so he could proceed with negotiating the memorandums of understanding.  It would be prudent for the board to give that authority either to the superintendent or the negotiations committee.  That way groups could sign when they are ready and the February 24 layoffs would not happen. 


Mr. Ehrich moved to authorize Dr. Stuber in collaboration with the bargaining units to negotiate an agreement subject to the parameters of the 9% offset by an eight day reduction in school days.  Mrs. Freske seconded.  Dr. Curry asked if this is our one year of leniency and then next year if we reduce days we would not get state funding.  Dr. Stuber said that is correct.


Mr. Honer asked if lottery funds can be used to bring back District Improvement Days for staff instruction so teachers would not have to take that many days off.   Dr. Stuber said that would be a supplanting versus a supplementing issues.  Dr. Stuber agreed to take the idea under advisement.


Mrs. Freske asked to clarify that the all the bargaining units agreed to the dates selected.




Dr. Stuber advised that Dr. Robertson had reviewed one of the memorandums and made some comments.  Dr. Stuber asked the rest of the

board to let him know if they had any comments on the memorandum.


Page 6 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03


Dr. Curry asked for a standing ovation for the staff in appreciation for taking the 9% cut.


Dr. Robertson added that he thought it was noteworthy that after the board decision the staff, including the administrators and superintendent, came back to the board and  said could we do this instead.  He said that to his knowledge Creswell is the only district in the state where this has happened




12.             Information, School Board Trustee Positions

Dr. Stuber stated that the board chair wanted it noted that there are four positions up for election.  March 20 is the deadline to file.


               13.          Action, Personnel Report

Mrs. Freske moved to approve the personnel report.  Mr. Ehrich seconded.  Mrs. Burrus advised that the computer lab positions are part of a grant. THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 




14.          Action, ESD Resolution Adoptions

Mr. Ehrich moved for informal consideration of the resolutions.  Dr. Robertson seconded.  Mr. Ehrich suggested that the board consider each resolution separately.   THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.         

Dr. Stuber gave the board his recommendations previous to the meeting.  Mrs. Freske asked that if the board goes along with his recommendations and not approve the resolutions listed, when the ESD puts together their budget do we only pay for those services when we use them or do we get a flat bill from Lane ESD on all of them.  Dr. Stuber said it depends on the service.  The entire Lane ESD has discretion on spending the resolution dollars.  They have asked sixteen districts in Lane County how they would like to see those resolution dollars spent.  In some of the categories where they say they will provide a service they provide the whole service.  In some instances they provide part of the money for the service and the schools pick up a pro rated amount.  Dr. Stuber added that if the majority of the schools approve a resolution, every district receives it.  If Springfield and Eugene approve, then we have it because they represent two-thirds of the students in the county.  Dr. Stuber said it comes down to where you want the money spent.  It is more of a prioritization vote.  The ESD is also funded by the state and they have already cut two million and will be cutting more in the future.  There may not be money next year to support some of these resolutions even if the districts approve them.

The resolutions Dr. Stuber has recommended for board approval are those resolutions that are direct services to children.


Mrs. Freske moved to approve Resolution 1, OPEN Technical Center.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 

Page 7 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03


Mr. Ehrich moved to approve Resolution 2, Administrative Application Services.  Mrs. Freske seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Mrs. Freske moved to not approve Resolution 3, Instructional Technology.  Mr. Ehrich seconded.  THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Mrs. Freske moved to approve Resolution 4, Safe and Healthy Schools/Prevention.  Mrs. Thompson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Dr. Curry moved to not approve Resolution 5, General Education/CIM Enhancement and Resolution 6, Career Learning/CAM Development.  Mr. Ehrich seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Mr. Ehrich moved to approve Resolution 7, School Psychology,  Resolution 8, Services for Students Who Have Behavior Disorders, and Resolution 9, Life Skills Education.  Mrs. Freske seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Mr. Ehrich moved to not approve Resolutions 10 Direction Service, Resolution 11 Attendance Truancy,  and Resolution 12 Courier Services.  The motion died for lack of a second.


Dr. Curry moved to not approve Resolution 10, Direction Service.  Dr. Robertson seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Dr. Curry moved to approve Resolution 11, Attendance/Truancy.  Dr. Robertson seconded.  Dr. Curry stated that she supports the resolution because it is another one that applies directly to children.  She sees it as a way to keep children in school.  She asked to hear why Dr. Stuber opted to not have this on the recommended list.  Dr. Stuber said his rationale is in terms of where we spend the dollars and it is more important to give it directly to the areas where we are federally and statutorily required to provide services.   THE MOTION WAS DEFEATED UNANIMOUSLY.


Dr. Curry moved to not approve Resolution 11, Attendance/Truancy.  Mrs. Freske seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Dr. Curry moved to not approve Resolution 12, Courier Services and Resolution 13, Media Services.  Mr. Ehrich seconded.  Mr. Ehrich stated that Courier Services is used for distribution of materials between districts and explained that the Media Services provides educational videos and other instructional materials for districts.   THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.





Page 8 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03





15.          Action, Adopt Posted Policy IM-AR Program Evaluation

Dr. Curry moved to adopt posted policy IM-AR Program Evaluation.  Dr. Robertson seconded.  Dr. Robertson added that the policy committee gave a  recommendation to administration to evaluate the curriculum as frequently as possible.  THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


16.             Action, Graduation Waivers

Consensus of the board was to table item 16.


17.             Action, System Development Charges Resolution

Mr. Ehrich explained that this is a resolution submitted by the city of West Linn through contact with our board chair asking for support for their resolution to be submitted to the legislature requesting that we include schools, police, fire and library facilities as appropriate for system development charges.  Dr. Robertson moved to approve the resolution.  Dr. Curry seconded.

Mrs. Freske expressed concern that there seemed to be no control on charges.   She would like to know if there has been any feedback from the Creswell City Council.  Mr. Ehrich said he presumed that if this came to pass a joint meeting with the council could be held to discuss the issue.  Mr. Ehrich said that from indications he has seen not all the charges are passed on to the buyer.









Mr. Ehrich reminded the board that Dr. Stuber is the spokesman for the board in the absence of the board chair. 


               Board requests for March

               Board Evaluation                                              Superintendent Evaluation

               High School Alternative Education                Creslane Traffic Issue

               Use of Lottery Funds Discussion                  


Mr. Ehrich advised that the Strategic Planning Finance Committee would be meeting on Thursday, February 13 at 6:45 A.M., the Policy Committee Meeting will be meeting on February 17 at Apple Annie’s, CHS Site Council February 18, CMS Site Council February 19, Strategic Planning Finance Committee on February 20 and February 27.



Dr. Curry suggested discussion at the next meeting on budget issues concerning the 2003-2004 budget.



Page 9 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-12-03




ADJOURNMENT:       The board meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.






Dr. Rick Stuber,  Superintendent




Don Ehrich, Vice-Chair